Have Fun While Having Car Travel

It is​ fun when you​ are taking road trips. Even the​ gasoline’s price is​ keeping rising,​ families are still taking road trips. or​ maybe because of​ the​ higher air fares caused by higher gas prices,​ people are opting to​ take more trips by car. Kids get bored riding in​ the​ car. if​ the​ children are bored,​ they start to​ pick on​ each other or​ insist on​ asking the​ dreaded,​ “Are We There Yet?” question that all drivers love to​ hear every 10 minutes. Below are some suggestions to​ keep your ride fun and most importantly,​ peaceful!

Assuming your children are old enough to​ read or​ at​ least recognize letters,​ alphabet game is​ a​ great game to​ keep young travelers occupied. There are a​ few variations. They must find the​ alphabet,​ starting with a​ – on​ signs,​ billboards or​ license plates. you​ can make up the​ rules if​ you’ll use a​ combination of​ sources or​ just stick to​ one (it’s harder and takes a​ lot longer if​ you​ limit it​ to​ just license plates.) the​ next big decision you​ need to​ make is​ whether or​ not the​ word must start with the​ letter you’re searching for or​ if​ it​ just has to​ contain the​ letter. For example,​ if​ you’re looking for B,​ and drive past a​ Burger King restaurant,​ then you​ have your B,​ and can begin looking for C. if​ you​ decided it’s ok to​ find the​ letter anywhere within the​ word,​ then you​ could also claim the​ E,​ in​ Burger King. the​ key is​ that you​ must find these letters in​ sequence. you​ can’t claim an​ E if​ you​ haven’t found a​ D yet. Nor can you​ say “There’s a​ D on​ the​ street sign Doors R Us… and there WAS an​ E on​ Burger King.” There are no retro rules allowed.

Another variation of​ the​ alphabet game is​ that you​ have to​ find objects that begin with each letter. if​ you​ drive past a​ red barn,​ you​ could probably claim either an​ R (red) or​ a​ B (barn),​ depending on​ which letter you​ need next. There’s always the​ trusty I SPY game. I spy something green and it’s outside (as opposed to​ inside the​ car). Riders take turns looking outside for something green. if​ you’re driving,​ chances are the​ object will pass by quickly – so participants have to​ be alert. or​ perhaps you​ spy something black and inside. Possible guesses would be the​ steering wheel or​ Mom’s purse.

Equally important to​ the​ entertainment is​ the​ intermission. Take frequent stretch breaks. Even if​ you’re on​ a​ tight time frame to​ get to​ your destination,​ if​ you​ let others have a​ chance to​ get out of​ the​ car,​ to​ tap a​ kidney,​ have a​ snack and get some fresh air,​ your road trips will be much more enjoyable for all involved! Have fun!
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