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The most frustrating part of​ travelling isn’t long lines in​ the​ airport or​ race car drivers who moonlight wheeling taxis around the​ city. By far,​ the​ most frustrating part of​ travelling is​ trying to​ fit your entire wardrobe into a​ tiny suitcase! if​ you​ find yourself looking forward to​ the​ trip but dreading packing,​ never fear. you​ only need a​ few key items to​ complete your travelling wardrobe,​ so let’s get packing!

The first thing you​ should know about packing isn’t what to​ pack but how to​ pack. These simple packing techniques can save you​ a​ ton of​ room for that extra pair of​ shoes or​ souvenirs along the​ way,​ in​ addition to​ saving your clothes from ending up hopelessly wrinkled. First,​ take any long items,​ including pants,​ skirts,​ or​ dresses,​ and lay them flat in​ your suitcases with the​ excess hanging out of​ both ends. Second,​ roll the​ rest of​ your wardrobe,​ making compact tubes of​ clothing. Rolling will not only save your room,​ but your clothes are less likely to​ end up wrinkled. Line up your rolled items in​ your suitcase,​ filling in​ all available space. Consider investing in​ shoe bags to​ protect your shoes along the​ route,​ being careful to​ stuff the​ insides of​ your kicks with socks,​ undies,​ slips,​ or​ any other garment to​ prevent them from becoming flattened along the​ way. if​ you​ are bringing cosmetics or​ toiletries,​ be sure to​ pack all items in​ plastic bags—a simple Ziploc baggie will do—to protect your clothing in​ case of​ leakage.

Now that you​ know how to​ pack,​ let’s discuss what to​ pack. Unless you​ are planning on​ attending state dinners or​ extravagant functions each night,​ lose the​ formal wear. Instead,​ invest in​ one simple dress—the perfect Little Black Dress will work—and bring along accessories to​ dress it​ up or​ down. Consider bringing a​ colorful silk scarf,​ and exquisite embroidered shawl,​ chunky jewelry,​ or​ a​ lovely corsage pin to​ create several different outfits out of​ the​ same garment. Similarly,​ choose a​ simple pair of​ black heels that are comfortable enough to​ walk in​ if​ you​ find yourself trudging down blocks of​ urban jungle. These shoes,​ like the​ dress,​ should have capacity to​ be worn with a​ dress,​ suit,​ or​ your favorite pair of​ blue jeans. For the​ rest of​ your wardrobe,​ consider purchasing clothing made with nylon,​ tencel,​ or​ any other travel friendly material to​ avoid wrinkles.
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