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With vacation season in​ full force,​ you​ may be planning a​ getaway of​ your own. Once you've figured out where you're going,​ you​ have to​ decide on​ how to​ get there. Some places require traveling by air; it's the​ only way to​ get there,​ so the​ decision is​ an​ easy one. if​ it's a​ location to​ which you​ can drive,​ however,​ you're faced with a​ choice: should you​ drive,​ or​ should you​ fly?

Everyone has preferences for modes of​ travel,​ of​ course. For many,​ flight is​ the​ preferred option. From a​ certain perspective,​ it​ makes perfect sense—you spend less time getting there so you​ can spend more time being there.

Traveling by car takes time. it​ won’t have you​ kicking back on​ the​ beach or​ relaxing in​ the​ mountains ASAP There are stops for fuel,​ stops for bathroom breaks,​ stops to​ eat or​ stretch your legs. There's the​ potential of​ getting lost,​ of​ taking the​ wrong turn and having to​ repeatedly peruse a​ road atlas to​ find your way—of having to​ backtrack,​ grumbling all the​ while because you've gone twenty miles out of​ your way.

On a​ road trip,​ there are fuel expenses. There is​ wear and tear on​ the​ car,​ and the​ ever-dreaded possibility that it​ may break down and need repairs along the​ way. if​ you're traveling with others,​ a​ drive can entail close contact with those people for extended periods of​ time. Whether you're alone or​ have company,​ it​ will definitely entail being largely confined to​ a​ small space for the​ duration of​ the​ drive.

Given all this,​ you​ may ask: why would anyone choose to​ drive? Why would anybody embarking on​ a​ vacation opt to​ spend one or​ more days driving,​ when it​ would be so much easier,​ quicker,​ and more convenient to​ just book a​ flight?

The fact is,​ there's something special about taking a​ long trip by car. it​ has nothing to​ do with efficiency,​ or​ getting to​ where you’re going as​ quickly as​ possible. it​ has to​ do with viewing your vacation as​ an​ adventure,​ a​ journey—and appreciating the​ whole journey,​ including the​ process of​ getting there.

When you​ travel by airplane,​ you​ step into a​ metal compartment. Within an​ hour or​ two,​ presto! you​ simply step back out in​ a​ different place,​ usually none the​ worse for wear and in​ the​ same state of​ mind,​ more or​ less,​ as​ when you​ stepped on. For all intents and purposes,​ you​ might as​ well have been transported between places,​ much like in​ the​ old science fiction movies or​ television shows.

By contrast,​ when you​ travel by car,​ there's a​ sense of​ having moved through space,​ of​ having gone somewhere. Sure,​ there was a​ starting point and an​ ending point,​ just as​ in​ air travel—but there's a​ keen awareness of​ having traversed the​ miles. you​ were there for every one of​ them.

All those places you​ might have peered at​ from your window seat in​ an​ airplane? you​ were there. you​ saw the​ roll of​ the​ land,​ and the​ shadows cast on​ them by the​ sun. They weren't just crosshatched impressions of​ fields and cities,​ unimaginably distant. They were fields and cities: up-close,​ personal,​ and real.

For some people,​ the​ old adage,​ "It's not about the​ destination,​ but about the​ journey" still rings true. if​ you're one of​ these people—and you​ happen to​ be planning a​ vacation—driving is​ still the​ only way to​ go.
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