Have Bookmarks Will Travel

Have Bookmarks,​ Will Travel!
Good news: now you​ can use your favorite software on​ any computer!
In my previous article www.resortlabs.com/articles.php?page=7,​ I​ compared online versus standalone bookmark managers and mentioned the​ possibility of​ storing Internet bookmarks on​ mobile storage devices,​ such as​ flash drives .​
However,​ time moves on​ and computer technologies are constantly progressing .​
The prices of​ flash drives have plummeted and their ever increasing storage capacity now allows them store not only data but also the​ applications that use the​ data .​
This advance in​ storage technology has resulted in​ a​ new class of​ software known as​ portable software.
So,​ what is​ a​ portable program? How does it​ differ from a​ regular program? a​ portable program can be run from a​ mobile storage device such as​ a​ flash drive .​
a​ portable program does not usually require any special installation .​
The portable program and its data can be copied to​ a​ mobile storage device .​
It can then be used on​ any PC by simply plugging in​ the​ storage device .​
Ideally,​ portable software does not leave any traces on​ the​ computer where it​ was run .​
No entries are made in​ the​ system registry or​ desktop shortcuts,​ no files are saved to​ the​ hard drive or,​ if​ they are saved,​ they are deleted as​ the​ program is​ closed .​
The settings of​ a​ portable program are stored on​ the​ device that the​ program is​ run from,​ i.e .​
on the​ mobile device .​
Thus,​ a​ portable program can be called a​ clean,​ even sterile weapon.
Many new and portable versions of​ the​ more popular programs,​ both freeware and shareware,​ have recently appeared in​ the​ software marketplace .​
These include Portable Firefox,​ Portable Thunderbird and Portable OpenOffice .​
a​ more complete list of​ currently available portable software applications is​ available from this website: PortableApps.com.
Mobile device manufacturers are racing to​ offer us the​ most recent technologies that allow portable software to​ run automatically when we plug in​ our flash drives .​
For example M-Systems,​ now part of​ Sandisk,​ recently created the​ U3 platform .​
This is​ a​ mobile storage standard that supports application autorun as​ well as​ many other features .​
The list of​ software complying with the​ U3 standard is​ available on​ the​ website software.u3.com.
Portable software is​ becoming more and more popular among PC users .​
This trend is​ especially important for computer software such as​ bookmark managers .​
Portable bookmark managers eliminate the​ primary advantage of​ their online competitors - their ability to​ access bookmarks from virtually any computer connected to​ the​ Internet .​
Now you​ can just carry your bookmark collection on​ a​ flash drive in​ your pocket,​ together with the​ program that allows you​ to​ work with it,​ anywhere you​ like: to​ access your bookmarks all need do is​ plug in​ your flash drive to​ any computer.
So,​ what portable bookmark managers are currently available?
- Bookmark Base: www.boomarkbase.com
This program is​ perfect for inexperienced users .​
Bookmark Base has a​ very simple user interface .​
The program has a​ set of​ basic,​ but adequate,​ features that include importing and exporting bookmarks for web browsers such as​ IE,​ Firefox,​ Opera; adding and removing folders and bookmarks; checking the​ availability of​ web resources.
- Portable Bookmarks: www.portable-bookmarks.com
This is​ a​ more powerful program for managing bookmarks .​
As well as​ the​ standard features found in​ all bookmark managers,​ Portable Bookmarks has a​ flexible bookmark search tool that can search on​ several criteria .​
It also has a​ duplicate search tool .​
In addition,​ it​ can automatically synchronize bookmarks with IE Favorites and download descriptions and keywords from Internet web pages .​
This program supports the​ U3 technology mentioned above.
The confrontation between online and standalone bookmark managers has now moved to​ a​ new level with,​ I​ am sure,​ the​ imminent appearance of​ further portable versions of​ bookmark managers in​ the​ software marketplace .​
At this time,​ this new breed of​ portable standalone bookmark managers has the​ initiative.
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