Golf Travel Cases Protecting Your Valuable Equipment

Protection for your golf clubs should be in​ your priority when you​ are on​ a​ golf vacation. Quality golf clubs can cost more than a​ $1000. Sure you​ can purchase insurance to​ cover your loss or​ damage but new clubs will not have the​ same feel as​ your present set. a​ quality golf travel case would be also be good insurance a​ great safeguard for your golf equipment. Mobility,​ security,​ material,​ wheels,​ warranty and prices are some of​ the​ factors you​ should take into consideration in​ picking and choosing your golf travel case.

As distinguished from a​ travel bag,​ travel cases are cases where you​ put your regular golf bag. There are two kinds of​ golf equipment travel cases. They are classified either as​ hard sided or​ soft sided cases. Travel bags are generally heavy bags specifically designed for travel.

Choosing whether having a​ hard case or​ a​ softer padded model depends on​ what kind of​ transport you​ usually ride. Hard travel cases are typically recommended for those who normally travel by air. Airlines often require size and weight requisites for your checked baggage. you​ would normally have to​ sign a​ waiver if​ your golf clubs are in​ a​ soft sided case.

When traveling,​ it​ is​ good to​ have a​ travel case. you​ don’t need to​ transfer all your golf equipment from your regular golf bag to​ the​ travel bag each time you​ go out of​ town. you​ just have to​ put your golf bag,​ with all you​ golf gear in​ your travel case.

You should also think about what material is​ used in​ your golf travel case. Hard cases made of​ rotationally molded polyethylene would give your equipment maximum protection. They are more durable than cases made from other materials. This material also provides maximum longevity to​ your golf case.

Hard rubber wheels are much more preferred than those made of​ plastic. Plastic wheels crack easily when you​ have too much weight on​ your luggage. Naturally,​ you​ would want your wheels to​ be quiet and roll easily and smoothly. They should also have resistance from hard impacts.

Transporting your luggage here and there would definitely be damaging to​ your equipment. Rough handling may undermine the​ quality of​ your golf clubs. Locks and latches of​ your golf case should be made of​ industrial strength steel. For hard sided cases,​ they should also be secured with high quality rivets. See also if​ the​ travel case you​ are buying has enough protection for your clubs. Notice if​ there is​ adequate foam padding for the​ club heads.

Warranty is​ also an​ important thing to​ consider. Protection does not have to​ be limited on​ those things you​ put in​ your travel case. it​ would be better if​ your golf case is​ also protected from defects in​ materials and craftsmanship. you​ should decide on​ which manufacturer offers the​ best guarantee of​ their products. Bear in​ mind that most soft sided cases do not come with any warranty.

Prices have to​ be considered. There is​ a​ wide range of​ golf travel cases to​ choose from. you​ should expect to​ pay more than $150 for adequate hard sided case. Soft sided cases do not cost as​ much as​ hard sided cases but can still cost more than $100. you​ should be cautious about how much money you​ are paying and is​ it​ worth the​ protection you​ are getting. the​ higher costs of​ name branded products do not always equate to​ more protection of​ your equipment.
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