Golf Nutrition For Better Scores

Many golfers don’t give much thought to​ the​ fact that nutrition can play a​ major role in​ their golf performance both on​ and off the​ course. Good nutritional habits can help you​ on​ the​ golf course both physically and mentally. Meal timing and proper balance of​ food groups can give you​ great performance results. Poor food choices can create fatigue,​ frustration,​ and depression with your game,​ and yourself. Recreational golfer or​ pro,​ positive changes in​ your diet will help give your body the​ fuel it​ needs for a​ consistent and powerful round of​ golf.

Three simple rules to​ follow that will help bring you​ better performance are: 1) Eat 5 or​ 6 small meals during the​ day rather than 2 or​ three larger meals. 2) Eat every couple of​ hours to​ keep your metabolism increased and your energy levels constant. 3) Make balanced choices containing some carbohydrates,​ proteins and fat.

It’s a​ good idea to​ prepare for your round of​ golf by eating beforehand. if​ you​ eat two to​ three hours before the​ round,​ eat a​ snack containing carbohydrates approximately 300-400 calories. if​ the​ meal is​ four hours before play consume approximately 500-600 calories. Stay away from lots of​ sugars as​ it​ can affect your endurance.

It’s also very important to​ consider hydration during play. Fluid replacement during a​ round is​ very important especially if​ the​ weather is​ hot and windy. Keep water handy as​ you​ play. if​ food is​ not consumed during play,​ your body has nothing for 5 or​ 6 hours. Combine this with exercise and low fluid intake and you’ll have a​ situation that may cause a​ drop in​ your blood sugar. This can greatly affect your brain function and skill.

You want enough energy to​ allow you​ to​ finish your round strong and not depleted. if​ you​ find yourself low on​ energy by the​ 16th hole,​ your food intake could be the​ culprit. Golf demands a​ lot both physically and mentally. Your body needs a​ good balance of​ protein and carbohydrates for optimum function. Use the​ foods you​ eat as​ fuel to​ gain the​ competitive advantage you’re looking for.
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