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People touring all the​ important countries of​ the​ world; prioritize their travel to​ China. People’s Republic of​ China is​ the​ world’s most populated country,​ touching the​ 1.3 billion mark. With such a​ huge population and the​ large area,​ it​ is​ bound to​ be diverse and hence makes for a​ hot tourist destination..

Natural And Man-Made Wonders
China is​ a​ beautiful blend of​ natural beauty and man-made architecture. Nature here is​ bountiful with magnificent mountains of​ Guangxi Zhuang,​ deserts like Xinjiang and rivers as​ Yangtze. Man has erected splendid structures like ‘The Great Wall of​ China,​’ beautiful bridges,​ structurally planned buildings and other monuments. This makes it​ one of​ the​ worlds most sought after tourist spot and the​ reason for people to​ travel to​ China.

Getting and Staying There
While planning to​ visit China,​ it​ would be wise,​ if​ you​ take a​ tour package for travel to​ China. However,​ be sure to​ do some research of​ your own,​ so that you​ can choose a​ suitable tour. While in​ China,​ you​ can go around by road,​ train or​ even by air. Accommodation is​ available to​ suit all budget and taste.

Places to​ Visit
Beijing,​ the​ capital of​ China is​ a​ must-see during your travel to​ China. Cities of​ Hangzhou and Suzhou are extremely beautiful. the​ most popular destinations in​ China are: the​ Great Wall of​ China,​ which is​ one of​ the​ seven wonders of​ the​ world; Tiananmen Square; the​ Forbidden City of​ China,​ the​ famous temples of​ Shibaozhai and Yangtze River,​ which is​ a​ very astounding natural marvel. Boat cruise on​ River Yangtze is​ breathtakingly beautiful as​ it​ takes you​ through various exquisite Chinese cities and places of​ historical importance.

People of​ China
People of​ China are very gentle,​ hardworking and thoughtful. Their main religion is​ Buddhism and Taoism. Most people speak Chinese and local people do not understand English very well. This can cause a​ little problem for the​ tourists. Other languages spoken here are Korean,​ Tibetan,​ and Mongolian etc.

China is​ rich in​ culture and has vast areas to​ explore. Your world-tour will never be complete,​ if​ you​ do not visit this oriental country.
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