Getting Your Business Online In An Hour

Getting Your Business Online in​ An Hour
Are you​ in​ a​ hurry to​ get your business online? Do you​ have a​ limited budget but want professional results right away? in​ the​ past,​ this was an​ impossible demand but today,​ with the​ advent of​ website builders,​ it​ is​ not only possible but realistic.
You can get a​ website up and running with no knowledge of​ HTML or​ any other web technology .​
If you​ know how to​ use a​ word processor,​ chances are,​ you​ can figure out how to​ use a​ website builder .​
Different website builders come with different capabilities but overall they are easy to​ use and quick to​ setup .​
Most site builders also walk you​ through the​ step by step process of​ getting your website live for the​ world to​ see.
But can you​ expect professional results with a​ site builder? Most of​ them come with professional grade templates for you​ to​ choose from .​
Some customization can be done to​ these templates .​
Things like color scheme,​ logo graphic and the​ like are often customizable so that you​ reduce the​ chance that someone else using the​ very same site builder software will have an​ identical looking website .​
Using the​ templates that come with most website builders is​ actually a​ good thing .​
It keeps most people who are new to​ web design from committing some common web design errors.
For most business sites,​ the​ bare minimum number of​ pages you'll want to​ have live is​ two .​
The main home page being your sales page stressing the​ benefits your prospective customers will get by doing business with you​ and a​ contact us page that will let your visitors know how to​ contact you​ .​
You could technically include your contact info on​ the​ home page and reduce your overall page count to​ one but it​ is​ seldom necessary to​ be so concise .​
Once you​ are up and running,​ you​ can always add more pages.
Keeping your website creation project under an​ hour will require you​ to​ get to​ the​ point right away .​
Remember the​ difference between feature and benefit .​
Feature being what your product or​ service will do for the​ customer and benefit being what they will get from what the​ product or​ service does .​
Make sure to​ make a​ list of​ benefits to​ doing business with your company as​ opposed to​ another one .​
Make it​ easy for them to​ do business with you.
With a​ website builder,​ getting a​ website up and running doesn't have to​ take you​ much time,​ money or​ grief and the​ results may impress you.
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