Getting The Most Nutritional Value From Fruits And Vegetables

Getting the​ Most Nutritional Value From Fruits and​ Vegetables
You’re eating lots of​ fruits and​ vegetables every day,​ but are you​ sure you’re getting the​ most nutritional value from them,​ and​ what can you​ do to​ improve how many nutrients you​ are getting. ​
To understand we need to​ take a​ deeper look at ​ the​ trip that fruits and​ vegetables make to​ get to​ your table. ​

Many different factors can affect the​ nutritional value of​ fruits and​ vegetables before they reach your table. ​
The two most important are time and​ traveling conditions. ​
The shorter the​ time frame that the​ fruit is​ packed until it​ reaches your table the​ better. ​
if ​ you​ are lucky enough to​ have a​ home garden try to​ pick your vegetables early in​ the​ morning for peak flavor and​ nutritional value. ​
The next best choice is​ to​ use a​ local market stand. ​
Generally the​ foods they are selling were picked within a​ few hours of​ being set out for sale. ​
if ​ there are no local markets in​ your area like most people you’ll be forced to​ shop at ​ a​ supermarket. ​

Before any produce reaches your local supermarket it​ must first be picked,​ and​ packaged. ​
if ​ the​ food is​ coming to​ you​ from the​ same state or​ neighboring state chances are it​ was picked within 48 hours of​ reaching the​ stores shelves. ​
if ​ you’re produce is​ making it​ way from California to​ New York chances are it​ was picked 7 to​ 10 days ago. ​
Why do you​ need to​ be concerned about when something was harvested? When any produce is​ picked off of​ the​ vine it​ is​ at ​ its nutritional peak value. ​
it​ starts to​ lose that value as​ time passes,​ the​ more time that passes,​ and​ the​ more value it​ loses. ​

The second biggest contributor is​ handling. ​
if ​ care is​ taken no to​ bruise or​ damage the​ exterior skin produce will last longer. ​
Additionally storing a​ produce at ​ the​ proper temperature will also help slow down the​ loss of​ nutrients. ​
Here’s where it​ gets a​ little tricky,​ some fruits like temperatures as​ high as​ 60 degrees,​ and​ other prefer temperatures in​ the​ mid 30’s. ​
So the​ longer your food is​ in​ transit,​ and​ the​ more care that it​ shown to​ handling it​ properly the​ more packed with nutrients it​ is​ likely to​ be when it​ hits the​ shelves of​ your local supermarket. ​,​ All Rights Reserved.
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