Get Your Passport Now For Summer Travel To The Caribbean

Two months after the​ U.S. Government instituted new passport regulations for Caribbean and Latin American travel under the​ Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI),​ both foreign officials and visitors have called the​ initial transition a​ success. Requiring passports for air travel between the​ Caribbean and the​ United States,​ the​ WHTI was enacted to​ alleviate security concerns regarding U.S. border security. it​ was predicted by many that the​ initiative would create noticeable hassles for travelers and resorts in​ early 2018. Yet,​ most resorts and travel bureaus saw no decrease in​ American visitors,​ while tourists were able to​ make successful arrangements and navigate the​ new passport restrictions.

That said – don’t let the​ smooth initial transition catch you​ off guard. Travel experts speculate that the​ summer months could provide more difficulty for tourists and resorts alike. Due to​ the​ fact that so many of​ the​ visitors to​ Grand Cayman during the​ first few months of​ this year already possessed long-standing passports,​ the​ delays and hassles were minimal. Yet,​ as​ family travel to​ the​ Cayman Islands and the​ Caribbean picks up throughout the​ summer,​ experts fear that many tourists may overlook the​ new passport regulations – especially for their children.

If you​ have begun planning a​ family vacation to​ Grand Cayman,​ now is​ the​ time to​ add passport applications to​ the​ top of​ your checklist. as​ it​ takes at​ least 6 weeks (with some current reports at​ 10 weeks) for the​ U.S. State Department to​ process passports,​ submitting your applications now will give you​ enough time to​ plan your activities for the​ summer. Simply because there wasn’t a​ rush on​ new passport applications at​ the​ beginning of​ the​ year,​ doesn’t mean there won’t be a​ backlog of​ applications for the​ summer travel season.

For those concerned about the​ additional cost of​ passports for their family,​ some resorts have developed a​ unique solution. in​ an​ effort to​ lessen tourists’ concerns about the​ cost and hassle of​ passports,​ hotels and resorts – such as​ the​ Marriott and Renaissance Mexico and Caribbean Resorts – have implanted discounts to​ new passport holders. For instance,​ if​ you​ arrive at​ the​ Grand Cayman Marriott and the​ island is​ your first stamped destination,​ you​ will receive a​ $100 resort credit. in​ most cases,​ discounts like these simply require your family’s passports being shown to​ the​ front desk staff at​ the​ resort. Furthermore,​ as​ you​ probably finalized your passports well before travel,​ a​ credit like this could offer a​ nice financial cushion for your family vacation.

To help you​ plan the​ perfect Caribbean family vacation,​ here is​ helpful checklist for the​ passport application process. Remember,​ it​ is​ recommended to​ begin the​ passport application process as​ soon as​ you​ know you​ are going to​ travel to​ Grand Cayman or​ anywhere else throughout the​ Caribbean or​ Latin America:

• First,​ acquire proof of​ U.S. citizenship for all passport applicants. Most travelers use birth certificates,​ but expired passports can also be used.

• Have a​ pair of​ passport photos taken at​ a​ drugstore,​ copy shop or​ any other location.

• Obtain passport applications from the​ U.S. State Department website or​ from any post office or​ government facility.

• if​ anyone in​ your family is​ receiving their first passport,​ you​ must visit a​ passport acceptance facility with your passport photos,​ proof of​ citizenship and photo ID to​ have the​ applications validated. Passport acceptance facilities include courts,​ post offices,​ libraries and government offices. Check the​ U.S. State Department website for all locations.

• Send your applications with payment from these approved locations.

• if​ you​ have planned ahead,​ you​ shouldn’t need to​ expedite your passport application through the​ U.S. State Department. For $60,​ the​ Passport Services Office offers expedited shipping – usually ensuring delivery of​ passports within 3-4 weeks. Also,​ if​ you’re family is​ in​ a​ time crunch,​ several services can obtain passports in​ as​ little as​ 24 hours for a​ greater fee.
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