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South Korea is​ one of​ the​ smaller nations in​ Asia,​ with a​ size comparable to​ the​ state of​ Indiana. What it​ lacks in​ size it​ makes up for in​ abundant culture,​ turbulent history,​ exquisite cuisine and a​ generous and welcoming society.

A Little Background before you​ Travel to​ Korea
The Korean peninsula has been literally and figuratively stuck between a​ rock and a​ hard place,​ namely Japan and China,​ for most of​ its existence. the​ region was prosperous under the​ three kingdoms of​ Goguryeo,​ Baekje and Silla during the​ first four centuries AD until the​ Mongolians raided the​ land and built an​ empire. the​ 16th century brought the​ end of​ the​ Mongolian Empire and the​ beginning of​ a​ massive game of​ tug-of-war between China and Japan over the​ strategic landmass. After World War II Korea finally broke free from Japan,​ with the​ USSR managing the​ North and the​ United States occupying the​ South. Today the​ North and South are two sovereign nations separated by a​ demilitarized zone. South Korea is​ officially known as​ the​ Republic of​ Korea (ROK) and commonly referred to​ simply as​ Korea.

There's Still Soul in​ Seoul
Despite the​ fact that Seoul was largely burned to​ the​ ground during the​ Korean War (1950-53),​ the​ northern part of​ the​ capital city is​ still home to​ hundreds of​ spectacular palaces and shrines. the​ Chosun Dynasty's Gyeongbokgung Palace is​ a​ 5.4 million square foot landmark with a​ 500-year history and stands among the​ remaining four palaces in​ Seoul. Nearly an​ entire day is​ necessary to​ explore the​ regal palace in​ all its magnificence. the​ Jongmyo Royal Shrine is​ a​ perfect next stop,​ as​ it​ was where the​ Chosun Dynasty worshipped. on​ the​ first Sunday of​ May each year a​ traditional memorial ceremony is​ held at​ the​ Shrine with all the​ grandeur of​ the​ occasion 500 years past.

The southern part of​ Seoul is​ the​ commercial center of​ the​ city and boasts a​ fascinating blend of​ traditional and hyper-modern architecture. it​ is​ also home to​ World Cup Stadium,​ intricately weaving shopping streets and even an​ amusement park,​ Lotte World. Make sure to​ visit the​ city gates,​ and then venture beyond into the​ strikingly lush and green landscape to​ travel Korea more personally.

When to​ Travel to​ Korea
Korea has a​ temperate clime,​ which results in​ heavier rain in​ the​ summer months (July and August) and a​ drier winter. Winter is​ white and snowy all over Korea and the​ ski season from November to​ March is​ extremely popular. There are 13 ski resorts in​ South Korea alone! After a​ day on​ the​ slopes it​ is​ common to​ relax in​ one of​ the​ many spas with natural hot spring baths. Summer is​ extremely crowded and very wet in​ Korea. For milder weather it​ is​ best to​ travel Korea in​ the​ spring or​ fall.

Traveling to​ South Korea any time of​ year is​ sure to​ be an​ exciting and rewarding experience,​ regardless of​ the​ weather!
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