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Travel,​ the​ very mention of​ it​ arouses great feelings in​ our minds even if​ it​ is​ for business as​ travel provides with unbound opportunities to​ mix fun with work. Leave that for a​ moment as​ it​ may; it​ may not surprise you​ to​ know travel is​ a​ big industry the​ world over. the​ travel industry comprises of​ multiple and interdependent complex network of​ hotels,​ resorts,​ transport sector which in​ turn includes airways,​ car rentals etc making you​ feel very proud of​ being the​ prime mover of​ the​ mammoth travel industry. So,​ welcome to​ the​ exotic exercise called as​ Travel.

Travel: For Career
Travel provides ample opportunities for career aspirants. at​ the​ entry level,​ there are opportunities like travel agents,​ tourist guides,​ front officers with all hotels,​ airlines and advertising agencies etc. Travel also provides opportunities for small entrepreneurs who want to​ operate a​ fleet of​ cars,​ coaches etc. in​ the​ deep jungles of​ Africa,​ small tour operators double-up as​ guides and drivers on​ a​ game safari.

On a​ still bigger scale,​ travel operators own a​ fleet of​ well-maintained buses on​ profitable routes where public movement is​ high on​ any given date even when one doesn’t take into consideration the​ tourists.

For most of​ you​ who want to​ take up travel as​ profession,​ there are exams to​ pass,​ which qualifies you​ for certifications for various levels like air ticketing agent,​ tourist guide etc. you​ must have noticed by this time that a​ tourist guide needs to​ know (and must be fluent) in​ at​ least 3-4 international languages in​ addition to​ his native tongue so as​ to​ be able to​ converse with international tourists.

Professional Needs
Professionals need to​ be very good at​ interpersonal skills,​ the​ more they are pleasant in​ their approach and nature the​ better. Knowing the​ etiquettes are important especially dealing with international travelers. What is​ a​ pass in​ your culture may not be so internationally. Integrity and sincerity are the​ other names of​ the​ profession. After all,​ travelers are almost unfamiliar where they want to​ travel.

Preventing Travel Sickness
Here are a​ few ways of​ preventing problems before they happen. And,​ if​ you​ are prone to​ a​ bit of​ travel sickness,​ we’ve included some possible cures below. Perhaps you​ can plan in​ advance,​ just in​ case?

1.Alcohol and fizzy drinks – Avoid them
2.Eating – Do not stuff too much in​ your stomach
3.Fresh air – Take in​ as​ much fresh air as​ possible before boarding
4.Relaxing – Your state of​ mind can help to​ prevent travel sickness. Just relax.
5.Medication – if​ all else fails,​ there are a​ variety of​ off the​ shelf medication that can help.
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