From Windmills To Diamonds Travel To Holland

Tulips,​ windmills and wooden shoes might still be a​ draw to​ this Dutch region for some travelers; however,​ Holland is​ a​ far more versatile locale with an​ international and maritime history extending farther back than most of​ the​ rest of​ Europe,​ including the​ establishment of​ New Amsterdam as​ a​ major trading city,​ which became New York when the​ British took over. Holland,​ particularly Amsterdam,​ is​ also well known for its diamond manufacturing and polishing industry. if​ that tickles your fancy,​ make sure to​ visit the​ Amsterdam Diamond Center located in​ the​ center of​ the​ city.

Before you​ continue with this informative guide to​ Holland,​ make note that although the​ name "Holland" is​ used commonly in​ everyday language,​ the​ country is​ strictly called the​ Netherlands and internationally recognized as​ such.

Red Lights and Rembrandt
Besides being the​ capital city,​ Amsterdam has enough to​ offer to​ fill your entire vacation. the​ unavoidable multiculturalism has brought Amsterdam to​ the​ forefront of​ controversial equality and human rights issues. Muslims,​ Jews,​ Dutch and Surinamese all have a​ very active role in​ the​ life and politics of​ the​ city. the​ Anne Frank House is​ an​ extremely popular sight with a​ new exhibit at​ the​ end that discusses the​ modern day conflict between freedom of​ speech and respect for cultural and religious diversity. Amsterdam is​ also home to​ the​ Van Gogh Museum and the​ newly restored Rembrandt Museum.

The Dutch acquired an​ extensive collection of​ colonies during the​ 18th and 19th centuries,​ one of​ which was Suriname,​ located on​ the​ northern coast of​ South America. Suriname finally gained its independence in​ 1975 and through an​ education exchange program the​ Surinamese population remains predominant in​ Amsterdam. the​ cultural flair adds richness to​ the​ city in​ the​ form of​ contemporary music,​ art and exquisite cuisine. Make sure to​ dine in​ a​ Surinamese restaurant at​ least once!

Amsterdam is​ also notorious for its Red Light District and Coffee Shops. Stroll through the​ winding streets at​ night for an​ incredibly diverse experience and stop at​ one of​ the​ bustling pubs for delicious locally brewed beer. Also,​ many visitors enjoy seeing the​ city from the​ water. There are boat tours offered on​ an​ hourly schedule during the​ summer months that take you​ through the​ picturesque canals and past charming old façades.

Timeless and Traditional
Even though Amsterdam is​ a​ modern hub in​ the​ globalized world,​ there is​ still an​ incredible amount of​ tradition and history prevalent throughout the​ Netherlands. Visit the​ nearby town of​ Alkmaar in​ the​ summer to​ take part in​ the​ centuries-old cheese market and festival. Locals don traditional dress and haul giant rounds of​ cheese through the​ town square for weighing. After your fill of​ diary,​ wander through this seaside town's canals and shops. Travel through central Holland to​ the​ medieval town of​ Utrecht,​ established around 47 AD. the​ 14th century wharves,​ cathedrals and Roman architecture are sure to​ transport any traveler to​ another place in​ time.

For international travelers,​ Holland exists in​ a​ class of​ its own. Whether you​ enjoy the​ bustling urban experience or​ the​ intimate countryside adventure,​ you​ will find what you​ are looking for in​ Holland.
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