From Wetlands To Canals And Dams Travel To Amsterdam

There are not many cities that have experienced such social and political extremes in​ recent history as​ Amsterdam. in​ the​ 20th century alone,​ Amsterdam faced the​ atrocities of​ war for the​ first time in​ 400 years,​ became the​ radical center of​ 1960s social movements and witnessed a​ complete about-face in​ its core economy. Amsterdam's progressive,​ multicultural,​ conscientious and contentious attitude wipes out images of​ a​ more docile past and ranks this capital city among the​ top 5 for European travel destinations.
Precariously positioned on​ the​ banks of​ both the​ IJ Bay and the​ Amstel River headwaters,​ Amsterdam made an​ early mark on​ the​ world with its dominant seafaring fleet and colonial aspirations in​ the​ 17th and 18th centuries. Amsterdam's economy turned inward once England emerged as​ the​ seafaring superpower. Consequently,​ most of​ the​ enchantingly crooked mansions and townhouses alone the​ canals are now inhabited by eclectic stores,​ businesses and engaging galleries and the​ majority of​ Amsterdammers live outside of​ the​ canal belt.

Museums,​ Music and a​ Barrage of​ Culture
To gain a​ better understanding of​ how such a​ metropolitan city emerged from bogs,​ swamps and floodplains,​ visit the​ Amsterdams Historisch Museum. Extensive documentation covering centuries of​ growth spans the​ walls of​ the​ exhibits and a​ detailed segment is​ dedicated to​ modern day issues,​ conflicts and controversies surrounding Amsterdam's path to​ becoming a​ free and tolerant society. Then,​ explore Amsterdam's historic relationship with water aboard the​ Nederlands Scheepvaart Museum,​ a​ dry-docked ship from the​ East India Company. For a​ more refined jaunt into the​ past,​ a​ trip to​ the​ colossal Rijksmuseum will indulge the​ senses with fine art from Dutch masters throughout history.

As evening approaches,​ leave your museum voice behind and dive dancing and drinking into Amsterdam's edgy and rowdy nightlife. the​ pubs and coffee shops that line the​ canals are a​ vibrant mix of​ locals and visitors,​ and the​ perfect place to​ begin your evening. Enjoy an​ extensive array of​ domestic ale or​ have a​ taste of​ the​ unique Dutch gin. Musically,​ Amsterdam has something for everyone. Visit Mulligans Pub for authentic Irish entertainment,​ kick back to​ some jazz in​ Dylan’s stylish lobby bar or​ go electro at​ the​ famed mega-club,​ Ministry.

For a​ moment of​ contemplation or​ a​ summer picnic,​ Amsterdam offers some of​ the​ best urban park spaces among European cities. Bikes are available for rental to​ take in​ the​ scenery at​ a​ faster pace,​ just beware of​ the​ tram tracks that crisscross most roadways and footpaths.

Of European cities,​ Amsterdam is​ most likely to​ surprise,​ excite and intrigue its visitors in​ a​ most unexpected fashion. Travel to​ Amsterdam to​ enjoy the​ perfect balance of​ open spaces,​ a​ lively urban pulse and a​ gracefully multiethnic ambiance.

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