Free Hosting Increase Your Online Business Opportunities

Free web hosting is​ a​ service that stores your website and offers to​ delivers its web pages to​ the​ Internet for free. Thus,​ free hosting for your website actually offers you​ to​ increase your online business opportunities. Just as​ you​ want to​ get your website hosted in​ Internet,​ similarly there are customers out there who want to​ know more about your company. Free hosting suggests web hosting services that are free,​ and are usually advertisement-supported and of​ limited functionality.
Features of​ free web hosting

Free web hosts will start by providing you​ a​ sub domain [] or​ a​ directory [yourname]. Since free hosts allow the​ use of​ separately purchased domains so they do not operate as​ domain name registrar. the​ free hosts are advantageous because they have a​ basic package for free and also enhanced packages [obviously with more features] that you​ have to​ purchase with a​ cost. This allows the​ users to​ try the​ services for an​ initial trial and then upgrade it​ in​ their websites,​ if​ needed.

The free hosts provide the​ following extra features:

 File transfer via FTP
 Allows some of​ the​ scheduled processes like cronjobs
 a​ web based control panel
 Free email accounts for subdomains and domain hosted
 Scripting languages like ASP and PHP
 Allows relational databases

When you​ are searching for a​ free web host,​ you​ should make sure that the​ hosts have an​ excellent track record. you​ should enquire into the​ storage facilities allowed by the​ host and see how much the​ free host can provide you​ with web control panels and password protected directories for your website.

Methods of​ free web hosting

There are a​ few methods of​ giving out free web hosting to​ people by web hosts,​ which are as​ follows:

- Instant activation – these hosts usually give very little storage space and bandwidth allowances. They require the​ user’s web page to​ display their banner ads,​ or​ pop-ups,​ text link ads or​ the​ user’s files to​ be uploaded through a​ web-based file manager.

- Post for hosting – this is​ more popular as​ it​ allows one to​ register at​ Web shots forum,​ which usually has lots of​ banner or​ popup Ads – and post there for Free web hosting. One has to​ stay active and meet certain requirements almost every month/week to​ keep up their level of​ web hosting.

- Posting in​ forums – some of​ the​ free hosts allow posting in​ a​ forum. it​ requires users to​ either reach a​ certain amount of​ posts before getting a​ free hosting account or​ be an​ active contributor in​ the​ forum. These forum-based free hosting factors often work on​ a​ system of​ points where posts points to​ a​ user and are basically used as​ credits towards getting a​ hosting account.

Limitations of​ free web hosting

But free hosting has the​ following limitations:

- Prevents hot linking of​ files
- Fails to​ provide any type of​ uptime guarantee
- Do not allow file types like MP3,​ MPEG and others
- Provides very small bandwidth per month as​ compared to​ paid hosting
- Allows very limited size of​ hosted files
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