Four Ways To Free Low Cost Travel Around Greece

1. Free lodging!

Find a​ pen friend. Maybe you​ haven’t thought of​ this. It’s the​ best solution to​ your budget problems,​ but you​ can’t have it​ overnight!

Greek people are hospitable and so are other countries’ people if​ you​ become friends with.

 It’s the​ simplest thing to​ do if​ you​ like writing letters or​ just exchanging cards and souvenirs. I’ve done it​ and a​ lot of​ other people have,​ why not you?

Your friend will probably be happy to​ put you​ up for a​ couple of​ nights and show you​ around as​ well.

The​ other alternative is​ to​ exchange your house/flat with somebody else’s abroad. There is​ a​ site online that will help you​ find a​ place.

2. Low cost travel

Stay at​ campsites. the​ cheapest alternative to​ free lodging,​ at​ least in​ Greece. you​ save money and have fun . Find a​ campsite at

3. Invest on​ a​ bike

If you​ like cycling,​ then you​ can do it. in​ Greece you​ can cycle to​ most places and see areas that are worth visiting. you​ can easily rent a​ bike ,​ and if​ you​ are in​ Corfu you​ can try

4. Rent a​ room in​ a​ village or​ at​ the​ port

There are families who rent rooms in​ their own house ; cheaper than hotel rooms but you​ have to​ follow the​ rules. Where can you​ find them?
Watch the​ port area if​ you​ come by ship. There are people who approach you​ and tell you​ about their own rooms around the​ area,​ at​ low prices. Sometimes you​ can even bargain to​ get a​ better price.

Well,​ if​ all these don’t suit you​ and you​ may own a​ caravan ,​ you​ don’t have to​ worry about lodgings. you​ can stay at​ campsites at​ low cost,​ at​ the​ side of​ the​ road or​ even in​ a​ field for free. you​ can also hire a​ caravan and share the​ expenses,​ if​ you​ travel with friends.

Don’t know where to​ find one? in​ Greece you​ can try

Greece is​ ideal for traveling at​ low cost. But you​ must be inventive and explore all the​ sources available. Visit
This is​ a​ search engine that will help you​ find all the​ info you​ want. Just type the​ word Greece and click on​ Search.

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