Four Ways To Boost Your Online Business Through Networking

Four Ways to​ Boost Your Online Business Through Networking
When you​ think about networking,​ do you​ visualize a​ bunch of​ people standing around schmoozing,​ trying to​ pitch their services to​ each other while exchanging business cards and elevator speeches?
You know,​ some people actually enjoy that sort of​ thing .​
And when they do it​ right (which is​ a​ rare talent),​ they reap genuine rewards .​
Rewards such as​ new clients,​ joint venture partners,​ knowledgeable advisors,​ helpful friends… in​ other words,​ mutually beneficial relationships .​
But for many of​ us,​ the​ idea of​ going to​ a​ networking event ranks right up there with bathing an​ angry cat .​
Even if​ we think it​ ought to​ be done,​ we’d rather be flea food .​
Don’t worry .​
There’s much more – and less – to​ networking than you​ think! you​ can reap the​ same wonderful rewards without having to​ mingle with a​ bunch of​ strangers .​
Important: With any kind of​ networking,​ the​ key is​ to​ build powerful relationships by giving .​
Give your attention,​ advice,​ ideas,​ suggestions,​ support,​ compliments,​ referrals – and maybe even your business – to​ others .​
Give,​ give,​ give… then receive more than you​ can imagine!
There are many ways you​ can get freelance work by networking,​ even if​ you​ hate schmoozing .​
Below are four powerful examples .​
1 .​
Tell your family and friends about your online business .​
This seems like a​ no-brainer,​ but you’d be amazed at​ how many people fail to​ do this .​
You don’t have to​ pitch your services/products to​ your family and friends,​ but you​ certainly should not be keeping them secret! You’ll have many opportunities during normal conversations to​ mention that you​ enjoy internet marketing and earning money with your online activities .​
Just plant the​ seed and eventually it​ can grow into unexpected business .​
And remember,​ even if​ your family and friends have no need for the​ products/services you​ offer,​ it’s very likely that they know someone who does .​
Key: Every person has connections to​ an​ average of​ 250 other people .​
When you​ decide not to​ mention your services to​ cousin Annie and neighbor Tom,​ you’re missing an​ opportunity to​ offer your services to​ hundreds of​ people they know!
2 .​
Engage in​ virtual networking .​
You do this online,​ from the​ comfort of​ your home office .​
Besides the​ benefits of​ not having to​ deal with people face-to-face,​ virtual networking allows you​ to​ create contact lists and join online communities comprised of​ people from all over the​ world .​
Most of​ these people you​ would probably never meet in​ any other way .​
Your virtual network can grow larger and faster than any form of​ traditional network .​
Are you​ on​ someone’s email list? (Of course you​ are!) When they ask for opinions,​ give yours .​
When they raise an​ issue that’s of​ interest to​ you,​ send them a​ response about it .​
If they’re selling something you​ can benefit from (and it​ fits your budget),​ buy it​ – then give them positive feedback about it .​
Key: Become someone they know and enjoy hearing from,​ rather than just one of​ the​ many anonymous names on​ their mailing list .​
Participate in​ online discussion forums,​ especially those where your ideal clients hang out .​
Lurk before you​ leap so you​ don’t jump in​ and accidentally make a​ fool of​ yourself (not good for winning clients) .​
Read the​ posts,​ get a​ feel for the​ ambiance .​
When you​ have something worthwhile to​ contribute,​ start participating .​
If the​ forum rules allow it,​ include a​ signature block that has a​ link to​ your website .​
But do NOT sell your services! Give valuable advice freely .​
The idea is​ to​ show your knowledge,​ expertise and desire to​ help others .​
Key: Eventually the​ forum members will get to​ know you,​ like you​ and trust you​ .​
The next natural step for them is​ to​ think of​ you​ when they (or people in​ their network) need the​ products/services you​ provide!
3 .​
Show off your talent .​
Write,​ write,​ write! Submit articles to​ online article directories,​ write reports and/or ebooks,​ create your own website and e-zine – put yourself and your knowledge/skills on​ display,​ always including your contact information .​
When appropriate,​ offer to​ provide free special reports or​ articles for people with whom you’re building connections through your virtual networking activities .​
Consider giving free workshops related to​ your niche through your local Chamber of​ Commerce,​ Rotary Club or​ other groups .​
If you​ have a​ job,​ check into offering brownbag (lunchtime) sessions on​ topics such as​ 10 Tips for More Earning Money Online in​ Your Spare Time for your coworkers .​
Key: you​ want to​ become the​ obvious person people will think of​ when they need your expertise,​ or​ the​ products/services you​ provide .​
4 .​
Attend seminars .​
What types of​ seminars,​ workshops,​ conferences or​ meetings do your customers attend? Go to​ those events .​
They are networking goldmines and offer many opportunities to​ engage in​ natural conversations with people you​ want to​ meet .​
You don’t have to​ schmooze or​ pitch your services .​
Just be friendly,​ ask questions,​ participate in​ discussions,​ and be yourself .​
Key: You’ll not only learn about the​ specific issues and topics your target customers are interested in,​ you’ll build relationships with them at​ the​ same time!
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