Four Tips On Building An Online Presence For Your Business

In a​ day and age when the​ Internet is​ mushrooming and there are virtually no corners of​ the​ globe left that are not connected,​ or​ at​ least connectable to​ the​ net; you​ have to​ have an​ online presence to​ stay competitive. of​ course,​ building an​ online presence for your business is​ not as​ easy as​ it​ sounds. the​ number one mistake made by those who are small business owners is​ to​ do it​ themselves and cut costs wherever possible. This leads to​ a​ host of​ sites that look or​ feel simply unprofessional.-

Here are four tips on​ building an​ online presence for your business:

1. Hire a​ professional web designer and ask to​ see samples of​ their work. you​ want to​ see currently working sites that have been put together by the​ outfit to​ ensure that you​ like what the​ finished product would look like. it​ is​ too easy to​ be wowed by a​ web designer’s low price tag only to​ later end up with a​ site that is​ either run of​ the​ mill – as​ it​ the​ case with many software programs that only offer one or​ two variations on​ a​ theme – or​ so packed full of​ slow loading graphics and flash footage that some consumers who are still not up to​ date with computing items will be left out.

2. if​ you​ decide to​ go it​ alone,​ pay to​ have your site hosted. While a​ free host sounds good,​ your website will also become an​ advertising solution for the​ free host. Thus,​ you​ will have to​ display banners,​ ads,​ pop ups,​ and other undesirable bits and pieces in​ order to​ have that free site set up. Instead,​ purchase your domain name and pay for the​ hosting.

3. Do not overproduce your site. This applies especially to​ first time webmasters. it​ is​ so tempting to​ add as​ many “drag and drop” elements on​ a​ site as​ possible. Resist the​ urge to​ have email buttons,​ counters,​ guest books,​ weather forecasts,​ map functions and other items on​ your site all jostled together. Instead,​ each page of​ your web site should be clear,​ concise,​ and quick loading. Furthermore,​ the​ less links you​ offer,​ the​ less chance there is​ for a​ broken link. Consistently stay on​ top of​ your links to​ make sure that customers do not get error notifications.

4. Last but not least,​ perhaps the​ most important tip on​ building an​ online presence for your company is​ to​ have content that is​ sticky and that will be so useful to​ your customers that they will either bookmark your site or​ come back time and again from memory. the​ goal is​ to​ offer unique content,​ articles,​ news,​ and other web content that your clients or​ customers will appreciate,​ use,​ and perhaps also pass on​ to​ others.

As usual it​ boils down to: 'Look at​ your site through your customers' eyes.'
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