For The Value Conscious Las Vegas Traveler The Medieval Excalibur Hotel Casino Offers Everything Under One Castle

The Excalibur Hotel & Casino opened in​ 1990 with 4,​008 rooms and was one of​ the​ original themed resorts on​ the​ Las Vegas Strip. the​ medieval theme can not be denied with the​ white castle jetting up into the​ sky surround by the​ two room towers on​ either side,​ Camelot roaming the​ resort and a​ live medieval dinner show. And don't let the​ fact that Excalibur is​ nearly 20 years old concern you,​ the​ resort has recently undergone an​ extensive renovation.

Conveniently located at​ the​ intersection of​ Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue,​ you​ will find yourself next door to​ the​ Luxor,​ and across the​ street from New York-New York Hotel & Casino,​ the​ Tropicana and MGM Grand. And visiting Mandalay Bay or​ the​ Luxor couldn't be any easier. you​ can either take the​ monorail that connects the​ three hotels or​ you​ can beat the​ heat and walk from one hotel to​ the​ other without ever stepping outdoors.

Room rates are certainly a​ value at​ Excalibur. Depending on​ what time of​ year you​ visit Las Vegas and what events are taking place in​ the​ city you​ can get rooms for as​ little as​ $70 per night. you​ will pay at​ least three times that amount at​ some of​ the​ newer resorts on​ the​ Strip. in​ addition,​ a​ number of​ their rooms have been refurbished to​ include pillow top mattresses and widescreen televisions. of​ course,​ these rooms will have a​ slighter higher nightly rate than the​ standard rooms,​ but they can still be considered a​ good value.

Although most resorts in​ Las Vegas no longer cater to​ families,​ as​ most resorts did back in​ the​ early 1990's,​ Excalibur still welcomes vacationing families. the​ entire family will enjoy the​ Tournament of​ Kings dinner Show. Jousting,​ fireworks,​ horses,​ dancing and singing,​ what more could one ask for? Maybe eating dinner with your fingers? Other attractions include the​ newly-renovated pool area and the​ Fantasy Faire midway where you​ and the​ kids can test your skills at​ arcade and carnival style games.

The casino isn't for the​ kids but it​ does cover over 100,​000 square feet. the​ Excalibur casino floor features hundreds of​ the​ latest slot machines with denominations from $.01 to​ $100,​ for those of​ you​ who like to​ think of​ yourself as​ high rollers. you​ can also spend time wagering on​ your favorite sports teams or​ the​ horse races in​ the​ full-service Race and Sports Book. And if​ poker is​ your game you​ won't be disappointed by the​ Poker Room.

In the​ dining category,​ Excalibur offers something for every taste. Try the​ RoundTable Buffet or​ the​ 24-hour Sherwood Forest Cafe. a​ recent addition is​ Dick's Las Resort,​ very casual and very fun,​ the​ menu includes Macho Nachos,​ Ride’m Cowboy Rib Eye and a​ Case O’ King Crabs. For a​ dining experience that is​ more high-end you​ can tempt yourself at​ Sir Galahad's,​ a​ pub and prime-rib house,​ or​ the​ Steakhouse at​ Camelot.

Coming to​ Las Vegas to​ get married? How about getting married as​ the​ king and queen of​ Camelot? the​ Canterbury Wedding Chapel has period costumes based on​ the​ Renaissance period. if​ you​ prefer something a​ little more on​ the​ traditional side you​ should explore the​ many wedding packages that are available.

The best values at​ Excalibur start with the​ room rates. But those values also extend to​ all the​ other amenities the​ resort offers. And the​ best part? Being located on​ the​ south Strip allows you​ to​ step out from under the​ castle and explore the​ five other resorts that are literally located next door. Plan your Las Vegas vacation at​ Excalibur and live like a​ king or​ a​ queen for a​ few days!
For The Value Conscious Las Vegas Traveler The Medieval Excalibur Hotel Casino Offers Everything Under One Castle For The Value Conscious Las Vegas Traveler The Medieval Excalibur Hotel
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