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What better way to​ see Maui than on​ the​ company payroll? if​ you​ are planning a​ business trip to​ Maui,​ you​ can still take advantage of​ the​ opportunity to​ have a​ mini-vacation and enjoy the​ magnificent Maui without sacrificing the​ work you​ know you​ are there to​ do.

There are many different things that you​ will need to​ take into consideration if​ you​ are planning a​ business trip to​ Maui. First,​ you​ will need to​ know if​ your company will be booking the​ travel and accommodations for you. Some companies that deal a​ lot in​ travel have travel agents that will take care of​ this for you. Others will expect you​ to​ make the​ plans and arrangements yourself and you​ will then be compensated for the​ expenses.

If you​ will have a​ role in​ choosing some or​ all of​ your business reservations,​ then the​ more you​ know,​ the​ better decisions you​ will be able to​ make. you​ need to​ know how to​ book your hotel or​ living accommodations as​ well as​ your travel (including to​ your destination and how you​ will get around once you​ are in​ Maui) as​ well as​ food and other necessities that you​ will have during your stay in​ Maui.


Every business traveler knows that your office is​ very important and this includes your “makeshift” office while visiting in​ Maui. you​ will need a​ full range of​ services and facilities and accommodations that can provide that to​ you​ will be at​ the​ top of​ your list. Accommodations that provide that for an​ affordable and reasonable rate are even better.

So,​ if​ you​ need accommodations with business features that include up-to-date communications capabilities and much more,​ then you​ need to​ know where to​ look. There are hotels,​ condos and more in​ beautiful Maui that offer solutions for your global business right at​ your fingertips.

There are many state of​ the​ art facilities with full Internet connectivity and real-time video conferencing services available and much more. Maui is​ home to​ one of​ the​ seven National Supercomputing Centers as​ well. Maui isn’t just for honeymooners and families; there are even great features for the​ business man or​ woman as​ well.

What to​ Wear

If you​ are planning a​ business trip to​ Maui,​ you​ might be wondering what to​ pack. Well,​ what you​ where will depend on​ your profession,​ your business and the​ company’s dress policy but most companies that send you​ on​ a​ business trip to​ Maui will say “casual dress”.

However,​ you​ know that business is​ very important and you​ are not just some tourist. What you​ wear will be very important even if​ it​ is​ to​ be considered “casual” dress. So you​ need to​ know what is​ appropriate to​ wear. the​ climate is​ of​ course warmer in​ Hawaii and the​ atmosphere pretty laid back so you​ will find most people in​ shorts. Your best bet is​ to​ go with some nice,​ dress shorts such as​ khakis. you​ will see many businessmen in​ these shorts as​ well as​ Hawaiian print button front shirts. if​ you​ are having trouble knowing what to​ wear or​ what is​ in​ style,​ you​ can check with some of​ the​ local shops and stores in​ Maui. Most upscale shops also have sales associates that are qualified to​ help you​ in​ your decision.

There are some restaurants and facilities that require you​ to​ dress upscale and elegantly with men in​ long pants and proper shoes. However,​ due to​ the​ climate you​ will find that most places in​ Maui are perfectly suitable to​ wear shorts. However,​ you​ will want to​ have some nice clothing from an​ upscale shop or​ boutique and be sure the​ clothing fits you​ well.


Your dining options will depend on​ the​ meal and what you​ are doing. For example,​ if​ your company is​ footing the​ bill,​ they may have specific places they want you​ to​ dine at​ or​ they may have a​ specific budget for meals. This will place some facilities and restaurants out of​ the​ list unless you​ are paying for it​ yourself.

If you​ are planning on​ taking a​ client to​ dinner or​ meeting business partners in​ a​ restaurant,​ or​ in​ some other way doing business through the​ restaurant,​ you​ will want to​ be choosier in​ the​ place you​ select. Your choice of​ restaurant can say a​ lot about you​ and your company. you​ want the​ other parties to​ be comfortable in​ the​ place that you​ choose but you​ will also want to​ choose something professional and impressive that shows you​ know and understand good tastes.

It can be tricky ground so you​ should ask for advice if​ you​ are unsure about a​ particular restaurant. you​ might even decide to​ go by and check it​ out yourself before holding your business meeting there.

Whatever it​ is​ that brings you​ to​ beautiful Maui,​ you​ can enjoy your stay while you​ are here. Proper planning ahead of​ time can ensure you​ have everything you​ need for a​ comfortable business trip to​ Hawaii.
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