Florence For Young Travellers

Among academies,​ libraries and museums,​ religious monuments,​ churches,​ civil architecture and buildings you​ will experience you​ really are in​ a​ treasure hunting. For this reason not only tourists,​ or​ backpackers but prevalently international students or​ even international volunteers are choosing this city for their academic courses,​ stages and studies.

Well,​ to​ start,​ we mention an​ international place where students,​ travellers,​ journalists and actors usually meet: at​ Acqua al 2 you​ can get cannelloni,​ beef,​ selection of​ salads,​ pasta,​ cheese and excellent wines at​ average prices of​ €30. Acqual al 2 is​ a​ modern bistro that we suggest in​ Via Vigna Vecchia ,​40; ph: +39 055 284 170; open daily from 7.30 pm-1am).

If you​ are visiting Florence and you​ are on​ a​ budget and looking for cheap accommodation consider youth hostels,​ backpackers hostels or​ international students houses ( hostels as​ well) where a​ bed night average price start from 18 euros. the​ atmosphere is​ quite basic but somehow fascinating. Florence does not have a​ long tradition in​ modern hippie youth hostels as​ you​ might find in​ other top cities. Florence rather can offer old style hostels,​ kind of​ student residence,​ or​ pilgrim residence as​ it​ was in​ Medieval times. Monasteries are converted in​ new pilgrims hostels ( backpackers,​ students,​ international volunteers) sometimes still run by nuns or​ monks. you​ can find some more details in​ site for young travellers or​ backpackers as​ Flashboking.com.

For budget tips where to​ go shopping here we go!

It is​ possible to​ make excellent purchases in​ the​ narrow lanes and streets of​ Florence in​ particular around Santa Croce and Oltrarno you​ can easily find little authentic workshops of​ paper,​ leather,​ perfumes...

Some names: Il Papiro offers good quality hand-made paper in​ Piazza del Duomo,​ 24r (ph: +39 055 281 628). Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Shop an​ old fashioned chemist offers lotions,​ potions,​ and herbal remedies abound in​ elegant packaging in​ Via Scala,​ 16 (ph: +39 055 16276 )

Go to​ Piazza dei Ciompi if​ you​ are looking for second-hand and flea markets (last Sun. of​ the​ month),​ or​ to​ S. Lorenzo Market (northwest of​ the​ Duomo),​ or​ the​ colourful Central Market for food (Square of​ Mercato Centrale). Here you​ ‘ll find olives,​ hams,​ cheeses and fresh vegetables. Try Via Maggio and Borgo Ognissanti for fine Florentine antique shops.

Of course for anything you​ need,​ ticket booking,​ accommodations booking,​ hotel reservations,​ budget trattorie,​ or​ simply to​ locate all this on​ a​ map you​ need a​ pc and an​ internet point ( as​ not all youth hostel will have pc free fro every guest!!). There are a​ few in​ Florence. Internet point (Borgo degli Albizi 66; ph:+39 055 24 0780; €3/hour); Internet Train: (€4/hour or​ €3/hour for students) with 12 point sin the​ city: Via dell’Oriuolo,​ 40,​ ph: +39 055 2345 322; Via del Parione 11b,​ ph:+39 055 264 5563; Borgo S. Jacopo,​ ph: +39 055 265 7935).
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