First Aid Kit For Travelers On Luxury Vacations

One common fear for travelers on​ a​ luxury travel vacation is​ becoming ill while traveling. From a​ mild case to​ of​ the​ sniffles to​ a​ serious complication,​ there are some simple items that any experienced traveler should bring with them on​ every trip. Some items are common,​ but if​ you​ need them right away,​ it​ is​ best to​ have your own. Here are some great suggestions on​ things you​ need to​ have in​ your travel first aide kit.


The first thing all travelers should bring,​ especially those on​ a​ luxury world cruise,​ is​ your regular medication. Whether it​ is​ something as​ simple as​ nose spray to​ items such as​ insulin,​ if​ you​ use it​ daily at​ home,​ you​ should continue doing so on​ your travels. Be sure that they are clearly marked and keep them in​ the​ original prescription bottles. you​ will also want to​ bring anti-diarrhea medication,​ such as​ over the​ counter Loperamide Hydrochloride (i.e. Imodium). Be sure to​ carefully read and follow the​ directions before you​ take it​ and never use it​ if​ there is​ blood in​ the​ stool. you​ also will want to​ bring an​ anti inflammatory medication,​ such as​ ibuprofen. This will also serve,​ in​ some cases,​ as​ a​ pain reliever,​ but you​ may want to​ bring asprin as​ well,​ as​ these two medications work differently. Those who are prone to​ allergies or​ colds should pack an​ over the​ counter decongestant such as​ Sudafed. Check out for the​ latest luxury world cruise deals.

Skin Care

Changes in​ weather and altitude can really dry out your skin,​ so make sure to​ pack a​ hearty moisturizer to​ apply to​ both your face and your body. This is​ especially important if​ you​ are planning a​ luxury Alaskan cruise,​ as​ this state has weather notorious for chafing the​ skin,​ and is​ often exaggerated on​ a​ cruise ship. it​ is​ also important to​ pack plenty of​ sun block. Remember,​ it​ does not have to​ be sunny outside to​ be burned! you​ should also carry insect repellent,​ just in​ case. For help planning your luxury Alaskan cruise visit

Personal Hygiene

Of course,​ you​ should bring the​ regular first aid kit items on​ luxury vacations. Band-aids,​ Neosporin,​ medical tape,​ tweezers,​ and clippers. Make sure these are not stored on​ your carry on,​ or​ they will be confiscated. Make sure to​ prepare any personal hygiene items as​ well. Antibacterial hand wash,​ mouth wash and aloe vera gel are all good ideas. Women should be sure to​ always carry items for their menstrual cycle,​ even if​ they are not expecting to​ begin their period. Changes in​ climate or​ altitude can bring on​ an​ early cycle. it​ is​ also important to​ bring any birth control items yourself,​ so you​ can be assured of​ the​ quality and the​ source. Learn more about American Express Vacations at​

These are good starting points,​ but your luxury travel vacation first aid kit is​ up to​ you. you​ can add or​ subtract items that would best suite your individual needs and preferences. of​ course,​ before taking any medication,​ check with your doctor. Read the​ directions on​ any creams or​ over-the-counter medications,​ and don’t be afraid to​ call your doctor while on​ vacation if​ you​ have any questions.
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