Finding Your Niche In Niche Marketing

Finding Your Niche in​ Niche Marketing
You know,​ if​ you​ ever took a​ middle school earth science class,​ what a​ niche is​ .​
If you​ didn't well...a niche is​ an​ area where a​ person (whoever the​ niche is​ for) is​ able to​ survive and thrive .​
It has many different specific types but the​ fundamental idea is​ that is​ a​ place specially suited for a​ thing to​ not only make it​ but succeed in​ it .​
So niche marketing is​ finding a​ particular market where you​ are able to​ find success marketing your specific product .​
Some people have a​ product and find a​ market and some find a​ market and develop a​ product but the​ general idea remains the​ same.
So how do you​ find your niche in​ niche marketing? Well the​ answer is​ both straight forward and complex .​
First you​ need to​ find an​ area where the​ knowledge and/or skills that you​ possess make it​ possible to​ develop a​ product that is​ sought after .​
For example a​ person who has been raised on​ a​ farm in​ the​ middle of​ South Dakota will more likely find his niche in​ agriculture rather than fashion design .​
It also must be a​ place that you​ have energy for .​
You must want to​ get up and work hard on​ something in​ order to​ succeed at​ it​ and there is​ nothing harder than working hard no something that you​ despise.
Another important concept in​ niche marketing that should be kept in​ mind is​ that it​ is​ helpful to​ find an​ area where you​ can be at​ the​ top of​ the​ competition .​
So burgeoning fields where you​ have the​ latest and greatest knowledge are natural areas to​ exploit .​
The laws of​ supply and demand in​ economics are very helpful for finding a​ profitable niche .​
That is​ to​ say that you​ need to​ find an​ area where the​ supply is​ low and the​ demand is​ high in​ order to​ get the​ best profit scenario .​
This is​ why professional sports players are able to​ make so much,​ if​ you​ have ever wondered .​
It's because there are only a​ few people in​ the​ world that are able to​ play that particular sport at​ that level (the supply is​ low) and people absolutely love sports (the demand is​ high).
The beauty of​ the​ internet is​ that it​ literally gives you​ instant exposure to​ every market that there is​ in​ the​ world .​
This allows you​ to​ take advantage of​ whatever your particular skill is​ (for example making surf boards),​ even if​ your geographical area would otherwise limit you​ (for example you​ live in​ Siberia).
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