Finding Niche Markets For Your Online Business

Before you​ get too caught up in​ finding your niche market,​ make a​ list of​ your personal interests,​ hobbies,​ favorite pass times,​ etc. in​ other words,​ be honest about what rocks your boat? the​ most important aspect of​ finding the​ right niche begins with you,​ not with your potential customers. You,​ above all others,​ have to​ be passionate about your business. if​ you​ can’t sell yourself on​ your idea,​ you​ will never sell it​ to​ anyone else. you​ have to​ believe in​ it,​ because at​ least in​ the​ beginning,​ no one else will.

If you​ have always loved birds or​ building birdhouses,​ you​ might look into starting a​ custom-made birdhouse business. you​ could offer to​ make birdhouses that match the​ color and architecture of​ the​ customer’s home. it​ sounds like a​ great idea,​ and so far that’s all it​ is.

Once you​ get an​ idea,​ you​ have several options to​ test it. Talk to​ people about it; ask if​ they would be interested in​ such a​ product. Your friends may quickly agree that it​ is​ a​ great idea,​ but would they pay for it,​ and how much? it​ is​ not enough to​ pay attention to​ the​ feedback you​ get from your friends and family. you​ should test your idea with strangers.

Start a​ PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign with pictures and prices of​ some prototypes you​ have built. at​ this point,​ your goal is​ not maximizing profit. you​ are simply testing the​ market. it​ is​ better to​ invest a​ little up front to​ find out more about a​ market than to​ build a​ business,​ and hope people will want to​ buy your product. Don’t leave anything to​ chance test,​ test,​ and test more.

A somewhat slower,​ but effective method to​ test a​ market is​ to​ create a​ blog around it. Start blogging about your idea and pay attention to​ the​ feedback you​ receive. Your readers may embrace your idea,​ or​ reject it. if​ they don’t accept the​ product as​ it​ is,​ they might recommend changes. the​ feedback should help you​ fine-tune the​ product. it​ is​ possible that your idea is​ only appealing to​ you. No matter what happens,​ at​ least you​ will find out what people think of​ your ideas before you​ invest a​ great deal of​ time and money.
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