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To some,​ San Francisco is​ the​ quintessential American city,​ and most first-time visitors discover a​ similar feeling upon leaving. the​ tumultuous rollercoaster of​ the​ city’s history,​ tied in​ closely with the​ history of​ the​ United States,​ has created a​ mecca of​ modernism and tradition,​ revolution and reaction,​ sassy style and sophistication. Find airfare to​ San Francisco now and don’t miss out on​ another minute of​ the​ action!

San Francisco has experienced a​ parallel history with the​ nation’s evolutions and revolutions. San Francisco began as​ the​ Spanish colony of​ Yerba Buena,​ followed soon thereafter by the​ California Gold Rush,​ which exploded the​ city’s population nearly 25-fold within a​ year. an​ earthquake followed by the​ Great Fire nearly destroyed the​ entire city in​ 1906. Since San Francisco’s early cityhood it​ has been a​ mosaic melting pot of​ Chinese,​ Japanese and Italian immigrants (to name a​ few),​ many of​ whom were held at​ Angel Island,​ the​ West’s own Ellis Island equivalent. Today you​ can catch a​ ferry out to​ the​ historic island which is​ now a​ beautiful park suited for most outdoor recreation including cycling and jogging.

It’s Got That Groovy Feeling

San Francisco has been a​ bastion of​ social movements and progressive thinkers over the​ last century. Although it​ may not be the​ Summer of​ Love anymore,​ this city is​ still a​ product of​ its Hippie parents,​ civil rights protests and beatnik artist generation – as​ well as​ the​ dot-com boom and burst that came in​ the​ late 90s.

The Critical Mass ride on​ the​ last Friday of​ each month is​ true to​ form for San Francisco. Hundreds of​ bicyclists gather and ride a​ route through the​ city streets to​ a​ predetermined destination to​ claim their rights to​ the​ streets (make sure you​ are not driving that day!). a​ walk through the​ Castro,​ the​ predominantly gay and artsy neighborhood,​ is​ also a​ must do. you​ will find exquisite boutique stores,​ antique book shops and some excellent independent movie theaters.

Sea,​ See and Scene

The sights in​ San Francisco are just as​ diverse (and just as​ groovy) as​ its history. Discover the​ rugged terrain and map out the​ seascape of​ San Francisco from atop Telegraph Hill,​ where Coit Tower stands as​ a​ former beacon to​ sailing ships. From here you​ can drop easily down into North Beach where Fisherman’s Wharf is​ buzzing with street performers,​ sea lion shows,​ and some delicious seafood. Golden Gate Park,​ larger than Central Park,​ is​ an​ escape in​ many different forms with its numerous gardens,​ exhibits and memorials – you​ can even encounter some roaming bison!

Sophistication is​ certainly everywhere you​ so desire it. San Francisco’s ballet,​ symphony,​ opera and theater rank the​ city’s performing arts on​ a​ level unparalleled. Dining in​ San Francisco is​ as​ good as​ it​ gets,​ with superb Chinese,​ Vietnamese,​ French and Californian inspired fare. For dessert,​ take a​ visit to​ Ghirardelli Square; the​ famous chocolatier was founded in​ this American city. Or,​ head to​ Citizen Cake after the​ opera as​ they are the​ self-proclaimed “best dessert in​ the​ world.”

Whether nightlife or​ daylife is​ what you​ are seeking in​ your perfect travel destination,​ you​ can be sure that San Francisco has everything to​ offer and then some. Discover the​ intense history and vibrantly ecclectic reality of​ this Northern California metropolis by booking your airfare to​ San Francisco today!
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