Find An Offline Passion To Help Your Online Business Prosper

Find An Offline Passion to​ Help Your Online Business Prosper
Have you​ ever had the​ feeling that you​ are just in​ the​ middle of​ nowhere with your online business?
That you​ are on​ your own out in​ the​ cyber desert?
Totally separated from the​ outside world?
Should I​ use the​ term alienated from the​ outside world?
Did these weird feelings put their negative marks on​ the​ your daily performance of​ your online marketing efforts?
If the​ answer to​ these questions are YES,​ than I​ have good news for you:
I don’t have physical proof(!) but I​ am almost sure than hundreds of​ thousands of​ honest hard working online marketers feel the​ same way every day.
After working 3 days straight in​ your home office you​ pop down to​ the​ local mall and it​ feels like that you're on​ Mars.
What are these people doing here?
They are talking to​ each other.
They are serving flesh and blood customers and others are cleaning brick and mortar premises?
Are they nuts?
Or am I​ nuts?
NONE of​ the​ ABOVE.
ALL online marketers can get into this weird state of​ mind and loose perception of​ the​ outside physical world one way or​ another.
I know I​ can.
But here's the​ quick fix for the​ problem:
Find a​ totally traditional offline activity,​ stick to​ it​ and practice it​ at​ least once a​ week.
What kind of​ activity should I​ look for,​ you​ may ask?
Any kind...fencing,​ play the​ guitar,​ dancing,​ songwriting cooking,​ gardening,​ playing the​ drums,​ embroidery,​ swimming.
Your options are endless,​ but you​ need to​ pick one.
You will re-discover a​ totally different world .​
You will come back to​ life and terms with your profession,​ which is​ online marketing: spending 8-14 hours in​ cyber world.
You need to​ talk to​ real people too .​
Talk to​ your neighbors,​ friends,​ family .​
Go to​ clubs,​ pubs.
Go out to​ the​ local park,​ and just run,​ run run...
Breathe in​ some fresh air.
I have just recently discovered my all time passion which is​ songwriting.
I can’t dedicate too much time to​ my passion,​ but I​ do dedicate a​ certain hour of​ a​ certain day of​ the​ week and spend time with my music teacher to​ write songs,​ play the​ guitar,​ and learn how to​ sing as​ well.
It is​ meditation .​
It is​ therapy .​
It's a​ cure.
It simply feels great.
It helps me immensely to​ push my online marketing business forward,​ to​ be more help of​ my family,​ my business partners and friends and to​ be more creative in​ every aspect of​ my life!
Find your offline passion to​ prosper in​ your online business!
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