Fiber Rich Food Is The Best Nutrition For Dieting

Fiberrich food is​ the​ best nutrition for dieting
In this article I ​ will reveal some little known facts about the​ fibers and​ the​ beneficial effect they have over your body.
First of​ all let me explain what fiber is…
Fiber is​ an indigestible part of​ all plant foods. ​
it​ is​ found in​ fruits,​ vegetables,​ grains and​ beans. ​
Your digestive system cannot stomach fiber,​ so it​ is​ excreted undigested. ​
Well,​ you​ may think you​ don’t need fiber,​ because it’s excreted undigested,​ but that’s not true.
Lets imagine the​ following picture
You overeat at ​ least once or​ twice a​ week,​ more often at ​ weekends,​ and​ your regular menu doesnt include much fiber. ​
Well,​ this might be your life style; however you​ should consider that it​ may cause you​ lots of​ health problems like
discomfort stomach aches
gases in​ the​ digestive tract
you​ got tired faster
cant concentrate on​ what youre doing
I mean you​ become less productive at ​ work and​ more irritable at ​ home. ​
Besides all this,​ you​ gain weight and​ that’s the​ moment when you​ realize you​ have a​ problem.
In order to​ solve a​ problem,​ you​ should first find the​ reason for it. ​
In this case it’s the​ lowered intake of​ fiberrich foods and​ respectively the​ higher intake of​ foods containing no fiber like meat. ​
The average amount of​ fiber intake is​ about 2530 grams per day. ​
Unfortunately most people regular diets include less than 1015 grams daily. ​

You should start consuming more fiberrich foods
all bran cereal
sweet corn
wholemeal brown bread
red cabbage
baked potato with skin
apples,​ bananas,​ oranges and​ all fruits

There are two types of​ fiber soluble and​ insoluble. ​
if ​ you​ start eating more food rich in​ fiber,​ you’ll be amazed of​ its beneficial effects over your body,​ health and​ way of​ life. ​

Soluble fiber forms glue like gel in​ the​ intestinal tract. ​
The gel softens stools no more constipation and​ improves your digestion no more indigestion.
Fiber slows down stomach emptying and​ you​ feel fuller longer. ​
This effect helps you​ eat less,​ your body burns additional calories to​ digest fiber and​ you​ can lose weight.
Insoluble fiber is​ an excellent natural laxative,​ because of​ its abilities to​ hold onto water and​ to​ push waste faster along the​ intestines this way fiber decreases the​ risk of​ colon cancer. ​

In conclusion Id like to​ tell you​ that you​ wont be sorry if ​ you​ start eating more fiberrich foods. ​
Like many other people I ​ used to​ take not enough fiber,​ and​ I ​ suffered stomach aches. ​
Then I ​ started to​ eat more fruits and​ fiberrich foods in​ my daily menu. ​
I ​ must admit that it​ really worked for me,​ and​ now fiberrich food is​ the​ most important nutritious part of​ my regular diet.
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