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Fayetteville offers everything that you​ can possibly imagine in​ a​ North Carolina vacation. if​ you​ like history,​ culture,​ art and good old southern hospitality,​ come to​ Fayetteville on​ your next trip away from home.

In Fayetteville,​ North Carolina,​ you​ have a​ choice in​ many fine accommodations. There are many economy hotels and motels available that offer excellent accommodations for weary travelers. Most of​ the​ hotels in​ Fayetteville have swimming pools and continental breakfasts available for guests as​ well as​ daily housekeeping services. There are many different Fayetteville travel deals available both on​ the​ internet and through travel agents.

If you​ are planning on​ staying in​ Fayetteville for a​ long period of​ time or​ are traveling with children or​ other family members,​ you​ may enjoy staying at​ an​ extended stay hotel. Extended stay hotels are ideal accommodations for families because they offer privacy,​ separate kitchen and living areas as​ well as​ all the​ amenities that you​ would expect in​ your home. Some extended stay hotels in​ Fayetteville have swimming pools as​ well as​ breakfast and coffee for guests. Extended stay hotels make your Fayetteville travel much easier.

There are many things to​ do when staying in​ Fayetteville. This charming,​ North Carolina city is​ rich in​ both history and culture. Historical sites abound and you​ can visit several homes that date back to​ pre-Revolutionary War times. These homes have been renovated and welcome visitors who wish to​ experience what life was like in​ Colonial America.

In addition to​ historical sites,​ you​ can also visit the​ Cape Fear Nature Preserve that has many winding trails that take you​ along the​ Cape Fear River. Those who enjoy the​ wonders of​ nature are sure to​ enjoy walking the​ fascinating trails and seeing some unusual plants and flowers that adorn the​ Cape Fear Nature Preserve.

Art and culture is​ rife throughout Fayetteville. Make your Fayetteville travel something special by taking home some beautiful artwork handcrafted by local artisans. Whether you​ are looking for handcrafts or​ fine art,​ Fayetteville has something perfect to​ adorn your home. Some art studios even give hands-on lessons to​ those who want to​ try their hand in​ creating some of​ their own artwork.

You will find many opportunities to​ enjoy live theater as​ well as​ some fine cinema during your Fayetteville travel vacation. There are many different theaters within the​ city that offer everything from comedy,​ drama and musical productions. Maybe you​ can even take in​ a​ Symphony concert while you​ are here. you​ can also see some of​ the​ best independent and foreign films at​ the​ downtown theater.

Shopping is​ wonderful,​ particularly in​ downtown Fayetteville. Along Hay Street,​ you​ will find many different shops offering everything from gifts,​ candles and antiques. Make Hay Street your first stop during your Fayetteville travel vacation and you​ won’t be disappointed. you​ can even learn about the​ history of​ the​ community at​ the​ Fayetteville Art Center.

As for food,​ you​ can find virtually every cuisine under the​ sun in​ this charming community. Whether you​ want steak,​ seafood or​ international cuisine,​ Fayetteville restaurants are sure to​ tempt your taste buds.

Other items of​ interest include Fort Bragg Army Post that is​ located within the​ city of​ Fayetteville. Fort Bragg is​ home to​ military personnel and their families and is​ one of​ the​ largest army posts in​ the​ nation. Many people who come to​ Fayetteville,​ travel here to​ greet family or​ friends who are stationed at​ Fort Bragg.

Fayetteville travel vacations are fun for the​ entire family. Once you​ arrive in​ this wonderful city,​ you​ will never want to​ leave. And if​ you​ decide to​ stay,​ there are plenty of​ opportunities for you​ to​ find employment and real estate in​ Fayetteville,​ North Carolina.
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