Fancy A Holiday Trip Travel By Car

Road trips can be a​ great way to​ have a​ fun filled vacation. a​ person has a​ sense of​ freedom being on​ the​ road and being in​ charge. Apart from that,​ a​ road trip invariably brings a​ lot of​ experience and exposes one to​ many new things,​ which is​ what traveling is​ all about. However,​ before hitting the​ road,​ a​ person should take care of​ the​ following few things.

1. a​ map should be consulted and the​ route should be planned carefully. After this,​ these routes should be researched to​ help you​ to​ identify a​ backup route. the​ back up route should be decided on,​ if​ you​ feel there could be a​ potential problem along the​ planed route. For example,​ if​ some route has a​ history of​ blizzards and heavy snowfall for the​ particular time of​ the​ year when you​ are planning the​ trip,​ a​ back up route can help you​ get to​ your destination quickly,​ without being stranded in​ a​ difficult situation. Also some routes about the​ proposed route should be noted down on​ paper,​ to​ avoid looking at​ large maps while driving,​ which could be both cumbersome,​ as​ well as​ dangerous.

2. it​ is​ important to​ correctly estimate the​ time it​ will take to​ travel. There are many Internet sites,​ which can help you​ do this very effectively. This can help you​ to​ decide when you​ will be able to​ stop for gas,​ use the​ facilities and even eat. the​ stops for food should be along major towns,​ as​ many of​ the​ rural areas across America do not have good restaurants.

3. you​ should have your car thoroughly checked by a​ mechanic,​ making sure that all the​ belt and fluid levels are within good driving parameters. Oil change should also be carried out,​ to​ avoid problems on​ the​ road. All this should be done a​ few days in​ advance,​ as​ it​ might be possible that you​ might not get an​ appointment with the​ mechanic or​ some snag could take a​ long time to​ fix. the​ car should be driven a​ few times around the​ city before leaving on​ the​ trip,​ to​ make sure that everything is​ working properly,​ as​ an​ early breakdown would be a​ big mood spoiler.

4. the​ car should be kept ready according to​ the​ climatic conditions you​ would be traveling in. if​ traveling through snow and a​ cold climate,​ you​ should carry snow chains and extra anti freeze. if​ traveling through a​ hot area,​ the​ air conditioning system may require extra coolant. it​ is​ important to​ take into account both,​ the​ weather you​ will be driving in​ and the​ weather at​ your destination.

5. if​ your car has a​ wheel lock instead of​ a​ hubcap,​ you​ should make sure you​ know where the​ keys are. Flat tires are the​ most common problem faced on​ the​ road and changing one can be a​ very tricky exercise in​ absence of​ the​ key,​ otherwise,​ it​ hardly takes few minutes.

6. Have the​ car cleaned. on​ a​ road trip,​ you​ are going to​ spend most of​ the​ time in​ the​ car. Traveling in​ a​ clean car will help you​ feel fresh and it​ is​ also important from the​ hygiene point of​ view. you​ would also be traveling around in​ your car once you​ reach your destination and so it​ is​ very important to​ clean the​ car before leaving on​ a​ trip.

7. you​ should carry an​ emergency kit in​ your car,​ which should include motion sickness pills,​ bandages,​ pain relievers and also instant ice and cold packs. This could be very helpful if​ you​ are in​ the​ middle of​ nowhere and the​ nearest emergency room is​ miles away.

8. Carrying some entertainment along the​ way is​ a​ good idea. This could include old radio shows or​ your collection of​ favorite songs on​ cassettes or​ CD’s. if​ you​ love watching movies,​ you​ could carry your favorite DVD’s to​ watch on​ a​ portable player. if​ you​ are a​ bit old fashioned,​ you​ can just sing along with friends on​ the​ way or​ tell stories. Anything works as​ long as​ nobody is​ getting bored.

9. you​ should check your license and your insurance before leaving on​ the​ trip,​ to​ make sure everything is​ in​ place. This would be helpful if​ you​ are stopped anywhere along the​ way. Also,​ you​ should have your insurance information handy,​ in​ case you​ meet with an​ accident. a​ one eight hundred number might be very helpful to​ you​ in​ such situation.

10. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ fill the​ car with gas and check the​ tire pressure to​ increase the​ mileage.
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