Facts About Nutrition Labels

Facts About Nutrition Labels
The nutrition label located on​ each and​ every food item,​
will tell you​ all the​ information about that food. ​ For
some however,​ this information isnt exactly that reader
friendly. ​ Fear not,​ as​ its actually easier than you​

Serving Size
This size is​ based on​ the​ amount people eat. ​ Similar
food items will have similar serving sizes,​ thus making
it easier to​ compare 2 foods of​ the​ same category.

% Daily Value
This indicates how food will fit in​ a​ 2,​000 calorie
diet. ​ This will help you​ to​ understand if ​ the​ food
has a​ lot,​ or​ just a​ little of​ the​ important nutrients.

The middle section
The nutrients you'll find listed in​ the​ middle section
are the​ ones that are most important to​ your health. ​
This information can help you​ to​ calculate your daily
limit of​ fat,​ fiber,​ sodium,​ and​ other nutrients.

Vitamins & minerals
The percent daily value found here is​ the​ exact same
as the​ U.S. ​ Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamins
and minerals. ​

Now that you​ know what the​ nutrition label actually
means,​ it'll be a​ lot easy to​ eat healthy. ​ Eating
healthy is​ a​ great thing especially when you​ use the
nutrition label to​ assist you​ with your food choices.
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