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It is​ no mistake that Christopher Columbus nicknamed Venezuela the​ Land of​ Grace from its shores. Stilted villages of​ palafitos stretched out into the​ Caribbean waters while fringes of​ the​ Amazon Basin climb rapidly into the​ inland extensions of​ the​ Andes. Travel to​ Venezuela to​ experience one of​ the​ more urbanized nations in​ South America,​ as​ well as​ one of​ the​ most diverse terrains of​ any region. Enjoy the​ icy glory of​ majestic glaciers one day and the​ twinkling blue waters of​ the​ Caribbean the​ next.

Nearly Virgin Valleys and National Wilderness in​ Venezuela

Venezuela is​ known largely for its geographic wonders and tantalizing landscape. Maracaibo Lake is​ the​ largest natural lake in​ all of​ South America and also one of​ only 17 ancient lakes in​ the​ entire world,​ dating back 36 million years. Possibly the​ second oldest,​ Maracaibo lake is​ easily accessible from the​ Caribbean shore through the​ Gulf of​ Venezuela. it​ is​ also worth visiting the​ 16th century town of​ Maracaibo on​ the​ north shore. if​ you​ catch a​ flight or​ bus into Puerto Ayacucho,​ the​ Amazonian rainforest will suddenly be at​ your fingertips. Let a​ guide lead you​ through lush greenery along serenely canopied rivers. you​ may also come across isolated indigenous tribes in​ this region.

One of​ the​ most famous travel destinations in​ Venezuela is​ Salto Ángel (Angel Falls),​ the​ world’s tallest waterfall,​ plummeting 3,​211 feet into Devil’s Canyon. the​ uninterrupted cascade is​ just about 16 times the​ height of​ Niagara Falls! Visitors can opt to​ spend a​ night at​ the​ base of​ the​ falls while the​ roaring waters and exotic birds lull you​ off to​ sleep. Another remarkable overnight stay is​ at​ the​ mouth of​ Cueva del Guácharo,​ Venezuela’s longest cave. Watch thousands of​ the​ nocturnal Guácharo,​ or​ oilbird,​ exit the​ cave at​ night and return before the​ wee hours of​ the​ morning.

For a​ more serenely tropical adventure,​ catch a​ boat out to​ Archipiélago Los Roques,​ a​ national park consisting of​ mostly uninhabited Caribbean islands. the​ unadulterated beaches and marine wildlife are here for those tired of​ high rise hotels and commercial resort refuse. the​ tropical latitude of​ Venezuela makes beach vacations a​ year long treat and the​ temperate climes of​ the​ mountains generally consistent.

Travel Venezuela from Mountains to​ Metropolis

The urban centers of​ Venezuela are excitingly lively and full of​ timeless culture. Architecture in​ cities like the​ capital Caracas is​ inspired by indigenous tribes,​ Spanish colonialism and African design. Barquisimeto is​ a​ popular hangout for younger travelers and locals,​ where nightclubs and bars line the​ streets between casual cafes and risqué boutiques. When booking your airfare to​ Venezuela,​ be conscious of​ your arrival time. as​ a​ tourist,​ it​ is​ not advised to​ travel any of​ the​ roads at​ night by taxi,​ bus or​ rental vehicle,​ particularly between Caracas and the​ International Airport.
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