Expanding Your Online Business By Building A Website

As business grows,​ it​ can be a​ good idea to​ support your eBay sales with a​ website.

The first step is​ building a​ web presence outside of​ eBay by creating your own website. Building a​ website is​ not a​ difficult task. These days you​ don’t necessarily need the​ know-how to​ do it​ all yourself – there are plenty of​ people who will do it​ for you. Turnkey stores are an​ option,​ or​ you​ can have a​ designer create the​ basic design for a​ website and then purchase shopping cart software separately.

Either way,​ you​ need to​ think carefully about branding at​ this point. Branding is​ recognizable design features that are carried across your entire business from product to​ business cards,​ to​ your website and brochures.

A brand helps your customers associate your products with an​ over-riding concept and identify them as​ part of​ their lifestyle. For example,​ some brands are associated with natural and organic concepts while others are associated with fine quality or​ a​ particular lifestyle. When establishing your online business,​ take care to​ make sure the​ branding you​ have already established on​ eBay remains consistent across your new website.

There are thousands of​ stores on​ the​ web,​ so to​ be successful,​ you’ll need to​ do something to​ make people visit your site and stay there for longer. One of​ the​ most effective ways of​ doing this is​ by providing people with information about your products. For example,​ if​ you​ sell small kitchen appliances,​ why not add articles to​ your site on​ how to​ use each appliance,​ tasty recipes to​ make with each,​ how to​ fix problems,​ and so on? Not only are you​ giving your users a​ reason to​ come back to​ your site,​ you​ are also increasing your chances of​ being placed in​ the​ top search results for keyword searches relating to​ the​ items you​ sell. Search engines give higher priority to​ good quality,​ unique information,​ so this is​ an​ effective way of​ keeping rankings high and getting traffic from organic search results.

Another way of​ getting more traffic to​ your site is​ by carrying out link exchanges. Just remember to​ limit yourself to​ related sites,​ otherwise you​ may find that you​ end up with a​ lower rather than higher search engine ranking! Linking to​ sites not related to​ the​ content on​ your site can actually give you​ a​ lower search engine ranking,​ so stay away from sites that offer hundreds of​ links for a​ fixed price. the​ best idea is​ to​ link to​ other sites that relate to​ what you​ are selling. For instance,​ keeping with the​ appliance example above,​ a​ site such as​ this could exchange links with sites selling china,​ cutlery,​ linen or​ recipes.

Finally,​ you​ can drive traffic to​ your site through advertising. Your ebay listings are one way of​ advertising if​ you​ add your site URL to​ your About Me page. Google Adwords is​ another very effective way of​ getting traffic to​ your site. a​ targeted campaign can do wonders for your website.

Done well,​ a​ website should increase overall sales,​ increase traffic to​ your eBay listings,​ and increase your reputation as​ an​ expert in​ your area.
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