European Flight Travel Laws

In a​ flight never carry any of​ the​ items mentioned below

• Many flights do not allow to​ carry any kind of​ liquids or​ fluids including perfumes,​ hairspray,​ shampoos have been banned recently due to​ safety measures (please check with your air flight company)

• Under no situation carry drugs,​ heroine,​ brown sugar and any other kind of​ narcotics.

• Needless to​ mention although never carry any kind of​ compressed gas cylinders like oxygen,​ butane,​ and aqualung.

• Corrosives such as​ acids,​ alkalis,​ mercury and wet cell alkalis or​ fireworks,​ guns and flares

• Lighters,​ matches,​ magnetized materials,​ offensive irritating materials,​ medicines without prescriptions.
(there are few other items that are banned in​ certain countries that might even lead you​ to​ imprisonment so be extra cautious not to​ break any rules and never forget to​ ask for a​ travel law copy from an​ agent)

Inside Countries Law

• if​ your flight is​ full and you​ want to​ quit it​ voluntarily always ask for better incentives if​ you​ feel you​ are not offered well.

• if​ your luggage is​ expensive and you​ want to​ declare a​ higher value then please do it​ at​ the​ time of​ check in​ so that the​ airline will become liable in​ case of​ loss.

• in​ Europe rules are very strict,​ so if​ you​ get to​ know that you​ have victimed ‘bait and switch’ that do not forget to​ file a​ complaint with the​ attorney general of​ the​ state. the​ results are much faster for a​ traveler because tourism is​ a​ big business for Europe and they do not want to​ lose on​ the​ tourists.

• the​ major car rental service provides free assistance if​ you​ have a​ flat tyre so don’t forget to​ contact your company in​ case you​ face one of​ these situations

• European countries have strict rules against law breaking so incase if​ you​ break one don’t panic and always let them know that you​ are a​ foreigner you​ might be let go of.

• Littering off in​ a​ garden or​ tourist attraction could end you​ up in​ heavy fines so always remember to​ use bins.

• Never bribe a​ cop in​ the​ European countries that might lead you​ to​ severe fines or​ imprisonment.

• Never overtake or​ drive fast they will levy a​ heavy charge on​ you. Always follow the​ traffic lights and road instructions which are very well organized in​ the​ European countries.

• Always be polite to​ people and never trust a​ stranger in​ the​ Europe because there are thieves and bag snatchers at​ tourist locations

• Gay sex and lesbians are not encouraged at​ all places in​ this continent unless you​ are in​ Amsterdam (A city in​ Netherlands) where free sex is​ allowed.

• if​ you​ are caught with a​ prostitute or​ a​ whore you​ might end up in​ severe imprisonment.

• Never drink too much because if​ you​ get unconscious the​ police might catch you​ and jail you​ up.
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