Essential Nutrition For Every Woman

Essential Nutrition For Every Woman
As a​ woman,​ your body is​ very complex. ​
Throughout every phase of​ your life you​ will require extra care and​ nutritional support. ​
Todays scientific advances support a​ number of​ natural choices for women,​ like soy. ​
Still,​ the​ fact remains that calcium,​ folic acid and​ iron continue to​ be the​ most important nutrients that can impact a​ womans total health. ​
All women should take a​ daily multiple vitamins with these essential nutrients.
Calcium is​ essential for bone health.
As a​ woman you​ have a​ much greater risk of​ developing osteoporosis because you​ have less bone tissue and​ lose bone more rapidly then men do. ​
Be sure to​ consume adequate calcium throughout life,​ as​ this may reduce your risk of​ osteoporosis later in​ life. ​
Calcium is​ essential to​ the​ health of​ bones,​ teeth and​ skin,​ yet few adults get enough of​ it​ in​ their diets. ​
Make sure you​ find a​ high quality calcium supplement to​ ensure you​ receive a​ healthenhancing daily allowance.
Folic acid impacts women in​ many ways.
It plays an important role during rapid fetal growth and​ development. ​
In fact,​ adequate intake of​ folic acid as​ part of​ a​ healthy diet before and​ in​ early pregnancy may reduce the​ risk of​ having a​ baby with a​ birth defect of​ the​ brain or​ spinal cord. ​
All women of​ childbearing age are recommended to​ consume 400 mcg of​ folic acid everyday starting at ​ least one month before conception into the​ early weeks of​ pregnancy.
Folic acid also plays a​ role in​ the​ maintenance of​ normal homocysteine levels; elevated levels of​ homocysteine are believed to​ be a​ risk factor of​ heart health.
Iron is​ a​ vital nutrient that plays an essential role in​ forming healthy red blood cells and​ transporting oxygen. ​
Its estimated that as​ many as​ 62% of​ women over the​ age of​ 20 are not meeting the​ RDA for iron. ​
Women also tend to​ be low in​ iron because they tend to​ eat foods low in​ iron and​ lose iron through menstruation.
Drinking a​ glass of​ orange juice with your cereal can boost iron absorption by the​ body. ​
Vitamin C helps the​ body metabolize the​ iron. ​
a​ high quality Vitamin C supplement rich in​ antioxidants to​ help fight the​ harmful effects of​ free radicals is​ a​ wonderful supplement not only to​ assist iron absorption,​ but also to​ combat ageing.
Vitamin C is​ coveted for its many benefits,​ including a​ contribution to​ healthy bones,​ teeth,​ blood vessels and​ the​ production of​ collagen.
In addition to​ taking a​ daily multiple vitamin,​ routine exams are key to​ prevention and​ healthy living. ​
You should have a​ yearly gynecological exam that includes a​ pelvic exam,​ breast exam and​ PAP test. ​
Also,​ consider performing monthly selfbreast exams to​ familiarize yourself with how your breasts normally look and​ feel. ​
if ​ you​ are over 40,​ you​ should have a​ mammogram every year.
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