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Located in​ the​ Andeas,​ Ecuador is​ a​ land of​ intrigue for travelers. Travel to​ Ecuador and you​ can trek the​ Amazon,​ climb volcanoes,​ or​ loaf on​ beautiful beaches. Perhaps the​ biggest reason to​ travel to​ Ecuador is​ a​ visit to​ the​ famous Galapagos Islands. Regardless of​ your preference,​ the​ following attractions are all worth a​ look.


A hot bed of​ colonial architecture,​ Quito is​ the​ capital of​ Ecuador. the​ city is​ considered one of​ the​ most beautiful in​ South America with architecturally masterpieces of​ white washed buildings with red tile roofs. For those living in​ large cities,​ you​ will be shocked by the​ lack of​ neon in​ Quito.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains,​ the​ climate is​ an​ eternal spring throughout the​ year. the​ Avenue of​ the​ Amazons,​ “Avenida Amozonas”,​ is​ a​ bustling area with outdoor cafes and good people watching. Ecuador has economic problems,​ so watch out for pickpocket thieves.

Avenue of​ the​ Volcanoes

South of​ Quito,​ the​ Avenue of​ the​ Volcanoes is​ a​ must see. Running down each side of​ the​ valley are mountain peaks dotted with dormant volcanoes. Small villages throughout the​ valley give the​ area an​ old world vibe.

Galapagos Islands

Darwin and the​ Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Islands and Darwin. the​ two are inseparable. Roughly 600 miles off the​ mainland,​ the​ Galapagos consist of​ 13 islands with exotic wildlife. you​ can reach the​ islands by flying into San Cristobal or​ take a​ boat ride to​ the​ major islands such as​ Isabela. at​ last check,​ entrance to​ the​ islands required a​ $100 permit.

San Lorenzo Railway

If you’re looking for a​ new experience,​ try a​ ride from San Lorenzo Railway to​ Ibarra. the​ trip runs through picturesque scenery,​ but it​ the​ train that is​ most interesting. the​ train is​ actually a​ bus converted for the​ tracks! Only in​ Ecuador!

Ecuador has much to​ offer travelers looking for something off the​ beaten path. While the​ Galapagos Islands are amazing,​ the​ rest of​ the​ country has much to​ offer.
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