Eat Up Travelers Enjoy Breakfast On The Road

What makes for a​ stellar hotel stay? Do you​ think it​ is​ an​ inviting room,​ comfy bed,​ a​ spacious shower,​ functional alarm clock or​ perhaps a​ delicious breakfast,​ which can take your entire travel experience to​ a​ whole new level? is​ it​ a​ combination of​ these things or​ all of​ the​ above? Well,​ some hotels are getting your message loud and clear and are gearing up with surprises for travelers as​ they take on​ these needs,​ one by one.

Take the​ breakfast,​ for instance. Hotels push the​ envelope by focusing on​ new amenities such as​ satellite radio or​ Internet check-in. However,​ the​ 2018 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index,​ a​ study by J.D. Power and Associates,​ finds that improvements on​ tried-and-true comforts such as​ a​ hearty,​ complimentary breakfast receive considerable boosts in​ customer satisfaction scores.

The company that introduced the​ concept of​ "complimentary continental" more than 20 years ago recently updated it​ to​ make the​ breakfast experience unlike that of​ other hotels. Its breakfast team tested 60 varieties of​ eggs,​ 15 sausage patties and 12 different orange juices and orchestrated more than 175,​000 changes in​ breakfast alone to​ see that the​ experience stays consistent,​ from hotel to​ hotel,​ across the​ country. Here's what the​ researchers developed:

Some like it​ hot-A well-balanced breakfast offering is​ a​ necessity for starting your day off right. the​ on​ the​ House™ Hot Breakfast offers hot items,​ with eight different menus including eggs and breakfast meats,​ biscuits and gravy,​ wraps with salsa and more. Seasonal items are also being offered to​ guests. Menus are selected by individual hotels based on​ the​ preferences of​ their business and leisure travelers. (Low-carb dieters,​ that includes you!)

Some like it​ fast-With on​ the​ Run Breakfast Bags™,​ there's no excuse to​ miss breakfast. Available Monday through Friday mornings,​ each bag contains an​ apple,​ a​ Kellogg's® breakfast bar,​ an​ Otis Spunkmeyer® Muffin and a​ bottle of​ water. in​ 2018,​ Hampton Hotels distributed more than three million on​ the​ Run Breakfast Bags,​ making it​ the​ largest to-go complimentary breakfast from a​ hotel.

Some like it​ high-octane-Three blends of​ coffee have been specifically created to​ add a​ new flavor with a​ smile to​ breakfast. the​ blend is​ known for its robust taste and is​ the​ signature coffee for all 1,​330 hotels. a​ typical Hampton hotel will serve at​ least 13 gallons of​ coffee daily-that's three gas tanker trucks full every day.

Some like it​ simple-The hotel chain has created consistency in​ the​ breakfast experience so guests will know what to​ expect each time they visit a​ Hampton Inn anywhere in​ the​ nation by arranging breakfast by food type into six zones-hot,​ cold,​ baked,​ fresh,​ coffee and juice-to meet each guest's needs. Welcoming displays are set up to​ describe the​ food and guide guests through an​ enjoyable experience.

Some like it​ served with a​ smile-Hampton is​ not just offering delicious food,​ but also service and a​ personal connection to​ make their breakfast an​ unforgettable experience. Through a​ "Hampton Moment,​" staff greet and connect with guests and offer an​ unexpected delight they won't find at​ any other hotel.

Even with all the​ upgrades,​ the​ breakfast continues to​ be complimentary,​ saving travelers $5 to​ $20 per person and an​ extra stop in​ the​ morning. So whether you​ are a​ lounger who enjoys a​ leisurely breakfast or​ your schedule only allows for a​ coffee and a​ bagel for the​ road,​ Mom was right -breakfast really is​ the​ most important meal of​ the​ day.

A guest selects from the​ options available every day from one hotel chain's breakfast specifically designed to​ meet travelers' needs.
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