Do You Have The Right Mindset To Survive In Network Marketing

Many people want to​ experience the​ thrill of​ running their own online network marketing business but give up when they meet the​ first hurdle. in​ order to​ survive in​ any business your mindset is​ just as​ important as​ whether you​ have the​ best looking graphics on​ your website!

If you​ are easily disappointed,​ if​ you​ know that you​ give up easily,​ then you​ really will want to​ learn how to​ strengthen your attitude because you​ are going to​ need broad shoulders and a​ "stuff upper lip!" to​ survive in​ the​ world of​ network marketing.

So here are 6 tips to​ developing a​ positive mental attitude that will help you​ to​ build your online network marketing business.

1. Be Committed

Once you​ have your desire to​ achieve commitment to​ achieve your goals is​ essential. When something is​ new and exciting it​ is​ easy to​ do,​ but within a​ few short months (or even weeks) of​ starting it​ is​ easy to​ abandon what you​ have started,​ especially when you​ are constantly met with people saying “no”.

Affirm your commitment to​ achieving whatever target you​ have set yourself,​ and remember to​ reward yourself every step of​ the​ way. Baby steps,​ one achievement at​ a​ time,​ build up to​ become one large achievement and that is​ the​ best way to​ achieve any goal.

Setting yourself a​ goal to​ make $300 in​ your first 3 months and then not acknowledging yourself for making $20 for a​ sale can cause frustration. Remember it​ is​ the​ small parts that come together to​ make the​ whole! 15 sales at​ $20 means you​ hit your $300 target.

2. Accept Challenges

Being your own boss and owner of​ your online network marketing business can be scary and a​ bit intimidating. you​ may decide to​ start building your business while still in​ full time employment and that in​ itself will cause challenges.

Or you​ may just leave your job to​ focus on​ your business (never a​ good idea!) it​ takes guts to​ have a​ dream and to​ go for it. you​ ultimately determine whether your business succeeds or​ fail,​ and learning to​ accept challenges is​ an​ important part of​ that.

Not managing your time properly can easily become one of​ the​ biggest challenges you​ will have to​ deal with. it​ will be very easy to​ sit at​ your computer and feel as​ if​ you​ have done very little 8 hours later if​ you​ are not managing your time and the​ appropriate tasks.

3. Be in​ Control.

Keep your mind focused on​ important things. Set goals and priorities for what you​ want to​ do and accomplish. Develop a​ strategy for dealing with potential problems and when those problems surface,​ feel confident in​ your ability to​ handle them.

The worst you​ can do in​ your online network marketing business is​ fail,​ and failure is​ not even that bad if​ you​ can learn from it​ and move on. Focus on​ failure not being an​ option and focus on​ what you​ will achieve when you​ succeed. a​ positive mental attitude is​ essential to​ survive online!

“I can do it” are probably the​ four most important words you​ can continually say to​ yourself every day.

4. Don't be too Critical

There is​ no use criticizing yourself once you've made a​ mistake. Saying "I should have landed that account or​ handled that situation differently" is​ not going to​ make any difference at​ all. It's just going to​ drain you​ of​ your energy and discourage you. Simply learn from your mistakes and move on. Let me repeat that - Simply learn from your mistakes AND MOVE ON!

5. Practice Makes Perfect

And stop worrying about getting everything right. It's not going to​ happen. the​ only thing that separates you​ from a​ millionaire is​ mindset (assuming you​ are not a​ millionaire already of​ course!).
Learn,​ learn and learn some more. Paying for courses and seminars is​ an​ investment in​ yourself and in​ your business. if​ you​ value yourself then you​ must have this attitude towards it. you​ can learn the​ hard way by doing things and seeing what works or​ what doesn’t. or​ you​ can go to​ a​ seminar,​ listen to​ what works,​ adapt it​ to​ add your own flair to​ it,​ and make it​ work even better!

6. Ask for Help

When you​ run an​ online network marketing business you​ want to​ work for yourself not by yourself. There is​ nothing wrong with asking for help. Don't think you're incompetent simply because you​ can't do it​ all.

Get to​ know your Sponsor,​ their input and experience in​ the​ business is​ essential in​ your early weeks and months. Send them an​ email,​ introduce yourself,​ let them know what support you​ need and what you​ are hoping to​ achieve. Don’t just sit back and wait for them to​ get in​ touch with you.

A positive mental attitude in​ life is​ essential and in​ business even more so. When you​ spend months on​ a​ project that makes you​ no money wanting to​ continue may seem tough,​ but as​ long as​ you​ are willing to​ look at​ what didn't work or​ what you​ may need to​ do to​ bring in​ a​ profit then you​ are a​ survivor!

I encourage you​ to​ read books about people who are successful in​ the​ netowkr marketing industry,​ they are a​ constant source of​ inspiration because you​ will realize that they were once were you​ are,​ just starting out.
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