Do You Dream Big Dreams For Your Online Business

Do you​ Dream BIG Dreams For Your Online Business?
I received an​ e-mail from someone this week,​ and it​ became apparent to​ me that he simply didn't believe that he could make anything work.. .​
He didn't believe that he could start making the​ money that he told me he wanted to​ make...
He WANTED to​ make it,​ but he didn't BELIEVE he could!
I'm a​ strong believer in​ the​ saying that you​ are where you​ want to​ be.. .​
For example,​ you​ live where you​ do because you​ choose to,​ and you​ earn as​ much as​ you​ do because that’s what you’ve chosen to​ earn...
'Hold on! I​ want to​ earn more than I​ do at​ the​ moment...' I​ hear you​ cry!!
Well,​ I’ve been there too and unless I​ changed my belief and my habits (good or​ bad).. .​
nothing was ever going to​ change.
Indeed,​ the​ definition of​ insanity is​ doing the​ same thing over and over and expecting different results...
So,​ how did I,​ and how do you,​ make changes to​ what we believe.. .​
and,​ in​ turn,​ what we achieve?
Well,​ for me,​ I​ didn’t believe that I​ should live in​ a​ large house,​ drive a​ sports car,​ or​ even work for myself .​
So,​ if​ I​ believed that.. .​
I​ certainly wasn't going to​ 'realise' that lifestyle.
Does that make sense?
However,​ once I’d had enough of​ what I​ was doing...
(and for me this was commuting each and every day,​ having to​ answer to​ a​ boss,​ working long hours and not earning enough money for all my hard work...)
I needed to​ change my belief.. .​
My belief of​ where I​ saw myself and what I​ saw myself doing.
I hope you’re still with me,​ as​ this is​ crucial to​ where you​ are and what you’re doing in​ 12 months time,​ 2 years time and even 10 years time.
So what do you​ need to​ do?
Well,​ you​ really do need a​ goal,​ a​ visual representation of​ where you​ see yourself in​ 2 months time,​ 4 months time,​ and 6 months time...
Close your eyes and picture yourself in​ front of​ your new house,​ or​ sitting in​ your office at​ home – working for yourself.. .​
Driving your new car,​ or​ planning that luxury holiday you’ve always wanted.. .​
and enjoying your financial freedom that your new home-based online business has given you.
Now,​ what do you​ need to​ change.. .​
in​ order to​ make this happen? For me,​ I​ was wasting a​ few hours here and there watching television,​ or​ just trying to​ switch off (after a​ long day working for someone else) .​
Well,​ these hours add up,​ so if​ you​ use these hours just to​ start thinking.. .​
then you’ve changed perhaps one of​ the​ worst habits out there.
I know,​ I​ used to​ do it​ myself!
If it's not TV,​ then look at​ how you​ spend each and every hour of​ your day.. .​
Can you​ allocate an​ hour or​ so for your future?
I suggest that during this time.. .​
you start thinking about where you​ want to​ be.. .​
I​ used to​ have a​ Picture of​ a​ Porsche on​ the​ desktop of​ my computer,​ and a​ simple cut out from the​ newspaper of​ a​ beautiful detached house that both my girlfriend and I​ really liked.
Now this is​ simple to​ do,​ but is​ very important .​
It reminds you​ of​ why you’re doing what you’re doing and precisely what your end result will be.. .​
financial freedom.
Plus,​ it​ makes your dreams real – something that you​ can indeed touch and feel.
Dreams are good – dreams are what keep us going,​ but dreams are nothing without action!
Action can and should be very small changes in​ your belief,​ and to​ your habits - each and every week.. .​
and before you​ know it,​ you’ll be dreaming bigger and bigger dreams...
Best wishes,​
Chris Cobb
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