Do Not Be Intimidated By The New Air Travel Rules

With the​ many security procedures that have been implemented and revised due to​ the​ terror threats of​ today,​ it​ is​ hard to​ keep up with current information on​ air travel rules. the​ good news is​ that there are plenty of​ resources available to​ help you​ keep up with the​ latest information on​ air travel rules,​ to​ help make your travel plans run as​ smoothly as​ possible. With a​ little research and preparation,​ you​ can fly through security checks in​ the​ quickest time with the​ least amount of​ inconvenience. the​ best source for current air travel rules is​ the​ Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’s) website.

Carry-on Items that are Allowed in​ Air Travel

The most recent change to​ air travel rules pertaining to​ carry-on bags has to​ do with the​ liquids that are allowed to​ be packed into cases that are going into the​ cabin of​ the​ plane. This applies to​ that cup of​ Starbucks that you​ grabbed on​ the​ way to​ the​ airport,​ as​ well as​ the​ bottle of​ shampoo that you​ threw into your carry-on at​ the​ last minute. Current air travel rules state that in​ order to​ bring liquid or​ gels onboard your airplane,​ they must be in​ three-ounce containers that are placed into a​ clear,​ quart-size,​ zip lock bag. Keep in​ mind that if​ you​ do carry on​ items by this method,​ you​ will be asked to​ remove the​ plastic bag from your carry-on and send it​ through the​ conveyor belt for an​ x-ray.

The new air travel rules do allow you​ to​ carry on​ items like liquid medications,​ baby formula and diabetic treatments,​ but these must also be removed at​ the​ security station to​ allow for additional screening procedures. if​ you​ must carry on​ some sort of​ liquid item,​ be prepared to​ spend some additional time making your way through the​ security checkpoint. if​ you​ do not need to​ bring onboard any of​ these items,​ it​ is​ preferable to​ pack them into your luggage that will be checked in. This will help to​ ensure fewer hold-ups at​ the​ security station and a​ quicker path to​ your gate.

Once you​ have passed through security and arrived at​ your gate,​ you​ may purchase a​ cup of​ coffee or​ a​ bottle of​ water to​ bring onto the​ plane with you. Keep in​ mind that flights do still offer beverages onboard as​ well,​ so you​ will have the​ opportunity to​ get something to​ wet your whistle once you​ are comfortably seated on​ your flight. as​ you​ are attempting to​ work your way through the​ new air travel rules,​ keep in​ mind that these procedures are implemented for the​ good of​ all of​ the​ passengers and crew aboard airlines. While they may seem inconvenient at​ times,​ it​ is​ the​ government’s best method to​ ensure that air travel remains safe for everyone.
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