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Disney World is​ probably the​ most popular theme park in​ the​ world,​ attractions,​ rides,​ characters,​ the​ works,​ there is​ no doubt that nobody goes to​ Disney World to​ get headaches. to​ prevent unnecessary muscle and head pain,​ it​ is​ best to​ be prepared.

Proper Season

It is​ best to​ go to​ Disney World during off season,​ which is​ roughly around early January to​ mid February,​ or​ after Labor Day through mid December. During off season,​ there are less people,​ less congestion and less headaches. What’s more,​ it​ rarely gets cold in​ Florida,​ even during winter season,​ and it​ gets swelteringly hot and humid during summer,​ so winter,​ really is​ the​ time to​ go.

The Proper Lodgings

Although it​ is​ cheaper to​ stay in​ hotels outside of​ Disney World,​ the​ extra cash you’ll have to​ cough up if​ you​ stay inside is​ more than made up for by the​ comfort and convenience of​ an​ inside stay.

Imagine getting traveling from your room,​ then going through the​ 47 square mile area that is​ Disney world,​ then traveling back to​ your Hotel… exhausting isn’t it?

The Proper Schedule

Where to​ actually go once you​ get there is​ determined by your choice of​ companions,​ kids,​ teenagers or​ adults.


Go through Cinderella’s Castle and Visit Fantasy Land or​ Mickey’s Toon Town,​ the​ little tots will surely love all the​ characters roaming around that area. the​ rides in​ these parts are built for 6 year olds and below,​ but mommy or​ daddy can still squeeze themselves in​ if​ they want.

Adults or​ Teens

A trip to​ Magic Kingdom may be in​ order if​ you’re with big kids. you​ can go to​ Splash Mountain to​ get wet or​ to​ Space Mountain to​ get some indoor rollercoaster,​ and fun for the​ bumpy person,​ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad should be enough to​ satisfy their taste for adventure.

Rides for Everyone

If you​ want something that everyone can enjoy,​ a​ ride in​ the​ Walt Disney World Railroad,​ can rest those tired feet and at​ the​ same time give you​ an​ enjoyable view of​ Magic Kingdom.

Haunted Mansion,​ although not really for very young kids,​ can be a​ thrill for toddlers,​ it’s a​ ride not a​ walk through so there’s no tripping or​ running involved.

For relaxing walks,​ try the​ Tiki Room Show or​ the​ Swiss family Tree House.

The Proper Dining Experience

For cute snacks,​ try the​ Aloha Isle inside Adventureland,​ they conjure up creative drinks and snacks,​ a​ good place to​ try something cute and different.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe provides a​ cool indoor dining area between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland where you​ can enjoy your food to​ your hearts content.
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