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Unless you​ are planning a​ short domestic trip,​ the​ cost of​ airfare is​ usually a​ deciding factor in​ an​ overseas trip. Most people with moderate incomes simply can't afford to​ fly regularly,​ as​ much as​ they would like to. There are,​ however,​ some people out there who are flying all the​ time on​ regular incomes. the​ secret to​ achieving this is​ a​ willingness to​ be flexible and shop around with airfares,​ as​ well as​ employing some tried and true discount travel techniques.

The key to​ getting a​ cheap flight is​ to​ shop around,​ and the​ internet makes this easy for almost anyone to​ do. There are a​ plethora of​ websites that will conduct searches around the​ world for cheap airfares. Although the​ internet is​ a​ valuable tool in​ discovering cheap airfares,​ it's important that you​ don't rely on​ it​ entirely. Many sites claim they are searching "all flights" for the​ cheapest possible fare,​ but you​ really don't have any way of​ knowing what they do and don't have access to. Oftentimes the​ cheapest flights can come from the​ airlines themselves,​ and you'd be well advised to​ check their sites as​ well in​ your search.

No matter how much research you​ do online,​ you​ should always visit some travel agents. Keep in​ mind that these people make their livings selling airfares,​ and will often have access to​ deals that aren't available to​ you​ online. Think of​ it​ this way: if​ you​ really could always get the​ cheapest flight online,​ travel agents would be out of​ business. the​ fact that they are not suggests that good deals are to​ found the​ old fashioned way: by visiting the​ office of​ a​ travel agent.

When looking for discount travel,​ you​ should also explore non-traditional methods of​ finding flights. Websites like offer reverse auction systems,​ that is: you​ place a​ bid of​ what you're willing to​ pay on​ a​ given route on​ a​ given date,​ and if​ it​ turns out that an​ airline is​ willing to​ release a​ seat for that price,​ your credit card is​ billed an​ a​ ticket is​ issued.

Another good avenue to​ explore is​ "bucket shops" - companies who buy bulk tickets from airlines at​ a​ heavy discount. They don't have the​ choice that travel agent has,​ of​ course,​ but if​ you're flexible you​ can often get a​ good deal. a​ typical bucket shop system will work as​ follows: you​ give them a​ week-long window during which you'd like to​ fly and some destination choices,​ and then if​ something comes up at​ the​ last minute you​ can have it​ at​ a​ heavy discount.

Another rarely explored discount travel technique is​ to​ look into bucket shops and travel agents located in​ ethnic neighborhoods. Often,​ foreign airlines sell discounted tickets to​ these shops,​ which in​ turn serve an​ ethnic community regularly traveling to​ their home country. These shops have access to​ tickets from airlines that often aren't available at​ your regular travel agent,​ and can offer a​ significant savings.

The important thing to​ remember in​ terms of​ discount travel is​ to​ explore as​ many avenues as​ you​ can. the​ more flexible you​ are willing to​ be,​ the​ cheaper your fare is​ likely to​ be - but even if​ you're stuck with rigid dates,​ a​ compressive search will often result in​ airfares that are significantly lower than those commonly advertised.
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