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Even if​ your budget is​ tight,​ you​ need not spend it​ in​ a​ cheap hotel. you​ can still have a​ vacation that comes with romance in​ mind and luxury hotel amenities,​ such as​ 24-hour room service,​ designer bed linens and a​ concierge who will book dinner,​ concert,​ or​ theater reservation,​ even with a​ discount Caribbean travel plan. All you​ really need to​ know is​ where you​ can find the​ best discounted deals,​ specials,​ and packages.

Below are our top picks for discount Caribbean travel deals:

If you’re looking for drab $49.95 hotels,​ don’t visit here. This site is​ not for cheapies,​ but it​ does offer you​ great discount Caribbean travel packages from some top of​ the​ line hotels all around the​ U.S.,​ Canada,​ the​ Caribbean,​ and the​ rest of​ the​ world.

The quickest way to​ book a​ discount travel deal at​ this site is​ to​ use their online search tool where you​ can find the​ perfect deal by destination,​ arrival date,​ price range,​ neighborhood,​ and number of​ nights and rooms.

You can also find a​ specific hotel by simply choosing a​ destination and the​ site will automatically direct you​ to​ a​ page listing all the​ discount Caribbean travel accommodations that are affiliated with

Do you​ want to​ know where you​ can find discount Caribbean travel deals on​ hip hotels with premier collection and spa treats? the​ site has all that as​ part of​ their Great Getaways collection,​ plus additional discount features like seaside favorites,​ family fun,​ golf getaways,​ casino hotels,​ and all-inclusive resorts.

If you​ want guaranteed lower rates,​ then be sure to​ visit All Luxury Hotels. the​ site offers a​ triple guaranty of​ lower rates,​ payment security,​ and privacy for nearly 100 domestic destinations and close to​ 50 international cities,​ including Europe and resort cities in​ Mexico.

When you​ book a​ hotel reservation through All Luxury Hotels,​ you​ are guaranteed to​ get the​ best discount Caribbean travel package there is. What’s more,​ if​ you​ find out that there is​ another lower rate available for the​ same dates and the​ same hotel you’ve already booked,​ you​ can contact All Luxury Hotels within 24 hours of​ booking and they will either refund you​ the​ difference or​ cancel the​ reservations without penalty.

Calling itself as​ “definitive source of​ luxury travel”,​ you​ may find it​ surprising how much discount Caribbean travel packages you​ can find here. offers hotel rooms at​ up to​ 40 percent discounts off typical rates. And to​ think that the​ hotels included in​ their roster of​ discount Caribbean travel accommodations include the​ very upscale Raffles,​ Relais & Chateaux,​ and the​ Leading Hotels of​ the​ World Brands.

Aside from that,​ also offers vacation packages,​ spa stays,​ cruises,​ and car rentals,​ all at​ discount prices.

It’s not called “Classic Custom Vacations” for nothing. For great customized luxury vacations tailored to​ fit your vacationing needs and budget,​ ClassicVacations is​ exactly what you’re looking for. Here you​ can customize your own discount Caribbean travel by choosing any of​ their first-class airfare for less and list of​ discount hotel rates. When you’re done personalizing your Caribbean dream vacation,​ top off the​ whole process by calling the​ toll-free number provided at​ the​ site so you​ can speak to​ a​ Classic Custom Vacations travel agent who will help you​ finalize everything.

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