Creating Your Own Spring Break Without Traveling Anywhere

Remember Spring Break as​ a​ kid? Maybe you​ traveled somewhere fun,​ or​ maybe you​ visited family,​ or​ maybe you​ stayed home and played.

It didn’t matter.

After a​ winter that seemed to​ never stop,​ and school everyday,​ you​ were ready for that break . . . ready for something to​ revive and refresh you​ . . . something to​ change your perspective and help you​ get through to​ the​ end of​ the​ school year.

Now you​ are an​ adult,​ and your time horizon is​ a​ bit longer. you​ aren’t just trying to​ get to​ the​ end of​ the​ school year,​ but you​ may still feel those some late winter blahs. Even as​ adults we need a​ break at​ the​ start of​ spring.

The rest of​ this article is​ going to​ offer you​ five pairs of​ questions that can use to​ create a​ spring break for yourself without ever leaving your home or​ office. Even if​ you’ve taken a​ spring break trip or​ vacation recently,​ read on.

The Questions

What makes work most fun? / How can I do more of​ that today and everyday?

What would WOW my Customers today? / How do I know?

What risk have I taken lately? / What did I learn from that experience?

What was my childhood dream? / What does it​ tell me about myself now?

What is​ one thing I could do to​ refresh my perspective? / When will I do it?

How to​ Use Them

Reading the​ questions is​ a​ nice start,​ but that alone won’t create your mental break (or breakthrough). the​ questions are useful,​ but it​ is​ your answers that will help you​ reframe,​ re-focus,​ refresh,​ rejuvenate,​ and recuperate – just like spring breaks used to​ do. in​ other words,​ the​ most important thing to​ do with these questions is​ to​ think about your answers to​ them.

Here are some steps that will help you​ use these questions to​ create new perspectives and ideas.

1. Read the​ questions again. Make a​ note (mentally or​ on​ paper) the​ pair or​ pairs that seem to​ jump out at​ you​ the​ most.
2. Spend 10-15 minutes today reflecting on​ the​ pair of​ questions you​ noted.
3. Jot down your thoughts and ideas on​ a​ piece of​ paper,​ in​ your planner,​ or​ your journal.
4. Read your answers tomorrow morning and reflect on​ the​ fresh perspective,​ energy and excitement you​ feel.
5. Repeat these steps for any or​ all of​ the​ other question pairs.

Do this for all five question pairs and you​ have created a​ five day mental vacation!

If this sounds like it​ will take some time,​ you​ are right. But when you​ consider the​ results you​ will gain,​ and that it​ is​ a​ lot cheaper than booking a​ flight to​ a​ spring break destination,​ you’ll realize the​ time is​ well worth it.

Remember that better questions help us produce better answers. And that better answers,​ when put into action can change our lives.

Invest these few minutes in​ thinking and you’ll reap the​ benefits of​ a​ fresh perspective and gain new outlook on​ the​ spring and early summer. Your answers will help you​ be more productive and enjoy your days more.

Many people go on​ vacation to​ relax and rejuvenate themselves. They spend hours in​ planning and preparation. Most people spend an​ hour or​ more to​ plan their weekend activities. Investing one hour over the​ next several days with these questions and the​ process I’ve outlined will give you​ a​ greater return than those other time investments and will make a​ difference in​ your life and results.
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