Create Your Own Travel Discounts

Hotel and rental car owners don’t just offer you​ discounts at​ random,​ you​ have to​ ask for it​ work for it,​ and sometimes,​ these discounts aren’t even worth it,​ well unless you’re looking to​ traveling during off peak season where there is​ at​ most a​ 50% discount. But let’s face it,​ we travel during peak season because this is​ the​ season when we actually have time to​ travel. So aside from waiting for your favorite hotel’s tirade of​ discounts during off peak season,​ when you​ can’t really travel and then end up not traveling at​ all,​ why not take the​ initiative and find your own ways to​ cheap travel,​ make your own discount.

- Check detour flights other than the​ straight one you’re bound to​ get when you​ inquire. you​ can get cheaper overall prices if​ you​ choose to​ book two flights instead of​ one. Some people have been able to​ save as​ much as​ $2000 by doing this.

- it​ is​ always better to​ buy food at​ the​ grocery and cook it​ yourself rather than eating everyday at​ a​ restaurant. you​ won’t want to​ spend all of​ your pocket money on​ food. Restaurants tend to​ have cheap and sometimes unhealthy food,​ ensure your own health as​ well as​ your pockets health by cooking your own,​ that is,​ after all,​ the​ reason why there’s a​ stove in​ your hotel room.

- Travel to​ places which boast of​ natural beauty but have lower costs of​ living,​ prices here tend to​ be lower. Take the​ Philippines or​ Malaysia for example,​ both have great views and tourist spots but come without the​ hassle of​ overpricing,​ English speaking natives are also a​ plus for these countries.

- if​ you’re planning to​ stay for more than a​ week,​ call the​ hotel that you’d want to​ stay in​ and ask for week long stay discounts,​ these can range for percentages off your room price or​ even a​ “free day.”

- Package deals usually save a​ lot,​ airfare and lodgings combined into one are usually cheaper compared to​ paying for them separately. Some travel agencies even provide trio packages which include airfare,​ hotel and car rental,​ you​ can save a​ lot if​ you​ have the​ industriousness to​ canvass.

- Find web-only discounts or​ coupons which some hotels and airline owners provide especially for those willing to​ reserve online. you​ can save as​ much as​ 50% on​ your travel costs by going this way.
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