Create An Online Business Site

Create an​ Online Business Site
Hundreds of​ people daily are looking to​ create an​ Online Web Based Business .​
You can recognize the​ demand for online business by looking at​ the​ searches made on​ the​ search engines .​
They are phrases like create an​ online business site web,​ business online small web,​ business online page,​ business,​ online site web,​ web hosting for online business and online web site business opportunity just to​ mention a​ few.
Recently I​ wrote several articles,​ one about specific landing pages,​ another about matching keywords to​ specific landing pages and the​ last one was on​ keyword pricing .​
This time I​ am going to​ cover a​ few easy ways to​ monitor your campaigns so that you​ ensure you​ are accomplishing what you​ set out to​ do .​
Otherwise you​ will not bear the​ fruits of​ your efforts.
As I​ mentioned in​ my other articles you​ should ensure that you​ have a​ different landing page on​ your site for each area of​ you​ business .​
For example on​ my site I​ have a​ landing page for Work At Home,​ Top 10 business,​ Home Based Business,​ Moms Jobs,​ Affiliates,​ Data Entry,​ Online Paid Surveys and a​ link to​ my real time newsletter.
When utilizing one of​ the​ tools available to​ us called (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising,​ whereby we pay a​ search engine pennies to​ show our ad when someone types in​ particular keyword .​
as​ I​ mentioned in​ my other article you​ must break up your keywords in​ such a​ manner as​ to​ have all of​ your keywords on​ a​ given topic sent to​ the​ specific landing page .​
For example you​ should have all Work At Home keywords go to​ your landing page,​ which is​ mostly about Work At Home ideas .​
Like wise have you​ keywords on​ Home Based Business go to​ the​ landing page that highlights Home Based Business Opportunities.
In addition you​ don't want to​ bidding against your self so you​ want to​ make sure that you​ don't mix and match your keywords .​
You will want to​ advertise only the​ keywords that match a​ specific landing page when using (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising .​
Don't have Work At Home keywords mixed in​ with Online Paid Surveys sending people to​ multiple landing Pages.
You will want to​ use multiple variation of​ a​ given keyword .​
Think about the​ conversation going on​ in​ your customer's head .​
What would you​ type in​ if​ you​ were searching for the​ same thing? What would others type? Don't just set you​ campaigns to​ run on​ a​ maximum price per click .​
Do some research to​ see how much a​ particular keyword is​ being searched for .​
This will help you​ set your keyword pricing.
So that you​ may ensure that your efforts are working you​ can monitor your campaigns on​ each search engine .​
Each search engine should have a​ reports page,​ whereby you​ can look up keywords for the​ day and it​ will show you​ what landing page your potential customer was sent to​ .​
If they clicked on​ the​ keyword Home Based Business and they were sent to​ your Work At Home page instead of​ your Home Based Business page then you​ know modifications are required .​
This will show that you​ must have home based business set as​ a​ keyword in​ you​ work at​ home campaign in​ addition to​ or​ instead of​ your Home Base Business campaign .​
You will either have to​ delete it​ and add it​ to​ your Home Based Business Campaign or​ move it​ there depending on​ the​ search engine.
Another tool you​ can use is​ to​ add a​ free counter to​ your page .​
There are many online that track urls so that not only can you​ see the​ ip address,​ time,​ landing page,​ length of​ time on​ your site,​ but many times it​ will show you​ the​ keyword searched for as​ well .​
It will help you​ see what needs to​ me modified on​ an​ ongoing basis.
Every subtle change in​ your website landing page,​ keywords,​ keyword bidding,​ no matter how minuscule,​ has an​ effect on​ your customer .​
I​ always recommend change,​ monitor,​ analyze,​ modify and keep continuing the​ process .​
Compare the​ new change to​ the​ old one so that you​ can see which landing page converts best.
Please feel free to​ read more of​ this article by visiting my link in​ the​ resource box below .​
I​ always enjoy getting emails pertaining to​ my articles or​ my site .​
Your feedback is​ important to​ me.
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