Costa Rica Vacation Travel By Horseback Canoe And Hot Air Balloon

When you​ arrive in​ Costa Rica,​ the​ first thing you​ may notice is​ its lush scenery and beautiful landscape. if​ you​ have been to​ this country but have experienced it​ only from the​ ground,​ you​ haven't really experienced Costa Rica. Vacation travel takes on​ a​ whole new meaning when you​ arrive,​ because once the​ transportation logistics is​ over,​ the​ real fun can begin. How many different ways can you​ enjoy a​ vacation? as​ many as​ you​ like: on​ dry land,​ in​ the​ water,​ on​ air or​ a​ little of​ them all.

Many of​ the​ sites of​ Costa Rica are best seen while hiking through the​ complex system of​ trails guiding hikers through extensive ecosystems. Because many of​ the​ animals and special details of​ these intricate ecosystems can often go unnoticed to​ the​ untrained eye,​ it​ is​ recommended that a​ guide is​ hired for the​ tours. This will help you​ get the​ most out of​ the​ natural habitats of​ Costa Rica. the​ trails travel through wetlands,​ up and around mountains,​ in​ and out of​ trees and everywhere in​ between. the​ guide will also make sure you​ don't get lost in​ all of​ this.

Experience Costa Rica on​ Horseback

There are many places in​ Costa Rica that should be experienced on​ horseback. it​ is​ one of​ Costa Rica's most popular activities for tourists and can be found in​ nearly every single town. the​ Northern Pacific area,​ also known as​ Sabanero Country (cowboy country) is​ home to​ horse and cattle ranches that would make a​ Texan jealous. if​ a​ romantic gallop along the​ beach at​ sunset is​ your fantasy,​ the​ Central Pacific area is​ the​ one for you. you​ can also ride in​ and around waterfalls and rainforests. Monteverde and Arenal include a​ great deal of​ mountainous terrain and also pass through a​ few coffee plantations along the​ way.

It's hard to​ think of​ Costa Rica and not imagine the​ beautiful ocean waters that rise to​ the​ sandy beaches. These waters are full of​ fun activities like dolphin and whale watching. Canoeing is​ a​ good workout and also a​ fun way to​ see the​ sights from the​ water. Explore the​ underworld beneath the​ surface of​ the​ ocean with scuba diving and snorkeling. you​ will be amazed at​ the​ colors the​ ocean hides beneath the​ waves. Many different species of​ fish,​ crustaceans and coral live here and are all intricately decorated by nature. at​ the​ end of​ your long day of​ hiking and climbing,​ relax in​ the​ natural hot springs heated by the​ active volcanoes around Costa Rica.

See Costa Rica on​ a​ Hot Air Balloon

The luscious greens and crystal blues of​ the​ Costa Rican landscape and water is​ often best seen from above. Float over the​ rainforests,​ ocean waters,​ mountains,​ volcanic rock and picturesque coffee plantations from the​ comfort of​ a​ hot air balloon. Not to​ worry,​ you​ don't have to​ know how to​ work one. an​ experienced professional will pilot the​ craft while you​ and your companions relax and enjoy the​ scenery. Parasailing is​ another amazing adventure in​ the​ air that flies you​ far above the​ water. It's incredible how much sea life you​ can actually see from hundreds of​ feet above.

For a​ true nature lover,​ and certainly not for the​ faint of​ heart,​ a​ canopy tour is​ an​ absolute must-do. They provide an​ interesting look into the​ delicate ecosystem of​ the​ rainforests from zip-lines and aerial trams. No matter what method you​ choose to​ experience your full Costa Rica vacation travel,​ remember that it​ doesn't stop when you​ reach your destination. if​ it​ does you​ are missing out. See Costa Rica the​ way it​ was intended,​ from all perspectives.
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