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If you're considering where to​ go on​ your next vacation,​ try the​ world of​ great tropical adventure called Costa Rica.

A Costa Rica Caribbean vacation lets you​ explore active volcanoes,​ see wild animals,​ see lush rain forests up close,​ and swim and lounge on​ great beaches. Costa Rica is​ one of​ the​ few ultimate paradises that have been left untouched on​ planet Earth. There are no military bases or​ nuclear power plants,​ and Costa Rica has lots of​ culture. in​ addition,​ Costa Rica is​ a​ tropical climate,​ so there's no winter to​ contend with. Costa Rica is​ a​ democratic society and is​ one of​ the​ most peaceful in​ the​ world. Its last civil war occurred in​ 1948. Since then,​ it​ has abolished armed forces and has also avoided despotic dictatorships,​ military coups,​ terrorism and any other forms of​ conflict so common in​ other parts of​ the​ world.

In addition,​ Costa Rica has a​ very friendly country. Costa Rica Caribbean travel provides a​ friendly,​ warm welcome no matter what part of​ the​ country you​ wish to​ visit.

Costa Rica means "rich coast,​" but Costa Rica has far more to​ offer than just its coast. Costa Rica is​ a​ country of​ incredible natural beauty and it​ contains many species of​ animals not present in​ many other parts of​ the​ world. Some of​ these animals are very rare and can only be seen if​ you​ go to​ Coast Rica.

In addition,​ plants are very diverse and beautiful as​ well. There are well over 10,​000 species of​ vascular plants and many gorgeous flowers. in​ addition,​ almost 2000 tree species have been recorded in​ this beautiful Latin American country. Visiting this astonishing country should give you​ an​ incredibly exciting Costa Rican Caribbean travel vacation,​ with such unusual and innumerable flora and fauna to​ view in​ its natural habitat.

In addition to​ land mammals and birds that anybody interested in​ ecology would love to​ see,​ Costa Rica also has approximately 835 species of​ fish. 700 of​ these are saltwater fish. Anglers and fishers should have a​ wonderful time fishing in​ Coast Rica's clear blue waters,​ as​ they challenge themselves to​ see if​ they can catch any of​ these unusual fish species.

Now,​ let's focus for a​ minute on​ the​ northwest region of​ Coast Rica,​ called Guanacaste. Most Costa Rican Caribbean travelers go there these days because of​ its ever-changing scenery and the​ many activities offered. There are many tours you​ can take; no matter what your interests,​ you​ should find something you​ like. With these tours,​ take an​ close look at​ all of​ its exotic trees,​ plants,​ flowers,​ animals and fish. For an​ experience you'll never forget,​ a​ Coast Rica Caribbean vacation is​ just the​ ticket for you.

Whatever your interests,​ you​ should find something you​ like to​ do on​ your Coast Rica Caribbean travel. Some of​ these will depend on​ the​ region of​ the​ country you​ go to. in​ the​ rain forest,​ bird watching walks with English-speaking guides who are experts in​ identification themselves should let you​ see exotic species up close,​ while horseback riding provides another view of​ your Costa Rican Caribbean travel vacation

Another option is​ to​ take a​ canopy tour,​ which is​ a​ popular tour in​ every region of​ Coast Rica. However,​ to​ best experience Costa Rica's precious rain forest,​ avoid tours that go through areas from the​ north towards the​ west. in​ these areas,​ climates are drier so that vegetation is​ not as​ lush as​ it​ is​ in​ other areas.
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