Contract Cleaners Travel To Expand

Contract Cleaners – Travel to​ Expand
The vast majority of​ Contract Cleaning Companies are small ‘one-man band’ outfits that provide basic cleaning to​ a​ limited number of​ clients within a​ relatively restricted area .​
This is​ fine unless you​ want to​ make real money and continue growing and expanding .​
If you​ restrict yourself to​ a​ small locality and operate alone then you​ have a​ limited number of​ potential customers .​
If you​ want to​ be out the​ front of​ the​ competition and challenging the​ big players in​ the​ cleaning business then you​ must be prepared to​ widen your horizons.
Much of​ your competition will be these small cleaning companies who because they have limited overheads will be able to​ undercut you​ .​
However by careful marketing you​ can put yourself ahead of​ these and get yourself recognised before them .​
How to​ market yourself successfully has been covered in​ previous articles .​
Having beaten off the​ competition by your carefully planned marketing strategy you​ will still restrict your growth potential if​ you​ do not widen your area of​ coverage.
A planned well managed expansion is​ difficult to​ achieve within the​ cleaning business .​
Once you​ start to​ advertise your services outside of​ your immediate area you​ have no idea what the​ response will be and the​ golden rule is​ to​ never turn down work because that potential customer will never ever return to​ you​ if​ you​ do turn them away .​
Consequently you​ must accept most of​ the​ work that comes in​ and worry about how you​ might manage it​ once you​ have got it.
In the​ initial period of​ expansion out of​ your area there will obviously be a​ great deal of​ travelling and extra work and you​ will imagine that there are just not enough hours in​ the​ day to​ cope with all the​ work you​ have taken on​ .​
If you​ are determined to​ achieve then you​ will and once you​ have a​ few contracts established in​ another locality you​ can always employ others to​ look after them .​
It is​ only that initial hurdle that you​ must overcome .​
Having done it​ in​ one or​ two places you​ can then continue to​ expand as​ far as​ your vision will take you​ .​
This is​ the​ one big problem with franchising because as​ a​ franchisee you​ cannot expand outside of​ your designated area so you​ will always be restricted .​
Think big,​ act big and you​ will make big things happen .​
Think small,​ be restrictive and small things will happen and you​ will never escape from this ‘smallness’.
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