Computers And Electronics While Traveling Overseas

Computers and electronics while traveling overseas

Well i'm off on​ my holidays,​this time abroad,​the good ole USA,​but I​ still need to​ be on-line on​ a​ daily basis for my personal & business needs,​ so I​ have brought some lightweight products ,​that don't take much room and are easily transportable

1,​ the​ COMPUTER
Well the​ first thing is​ the​ computer ,​shall I​ take my old compaq armarda M700 ,​which has been usefull in​ the​ past or​ shall I​ invest in​ a​ new one ,​ here we go scouting around the​ shops or​ should I​ say online ,​there's so many choices from,​ this notebook to​ that notebook with this spec' to​ that spec'geez my holiday will be over before I​ choose one at​ this rate .In the​ finish I​ have made my choice on​ size ,​purely for travelings sake ,​i went for for a​ Packard Bell XS200-06,​seems a​ pretty good choice to​ me,​ it​ has a​ built in​ web cam ,​microphone ,​ofcourse speakers,​bluetooth ,​wifi ,​ hey its the​ business,​as long as​ you​ have keen eye sight,​ as​ the​ screens a​ bit small,​ its ideal for me.only weighs a​ couple of​ kilo's,​ so I​ thinK I​ have made a​ good choice .​

Now i'm not into music in​ a​ big way just a​ few songs,​so I​ won't be taking too much in​ that regards ,​cut out the​ cd's,​ so I​ have brought myself a​ mp3/dab radio .my other portable radio packed up so this one will do two jobs.As i'm driving over 2000 miles I​ need some entertianment to​ keep me entertained,​and my experiences in​ the​ past of​ radio stations in​ america have not been good I​ can record off the​ net my favourite english station and download onto my new Alba mp3 player,​and thro' a​ simple device can get it​ playing thro' the​ car stereo ready to​ go now .

So what do I​ need in​ this area,​i prefer a​ handheld mouse rather than the​ inbuilt touch pad ,​i'll be taking my phone so I​ need my charger,​head set perhaps ,​external mic so I​ can keep in​ touch with back home at​ a​ discount rate,​carry case,​ Now buying these bits indiviually might cost a​ few pounds ,​ but wait I​ have found something cool,​ the​ local supermarket is​ selling computers & accessories this week,​ lets see what they've got...I'm in​ luck an​ accessory pack for £14.99 WOW,​what a​ deal .​
Now I​ ain't heard that much about Tevion products but anything else I​ have brought from there seem good quality,​ and for that small amount i'm prepared to​ take a​ chance ,​so what do we have?
1,​ USB KEYPAD................not much use ,​but I​ can make the​ space usefull for something else
2,​ USB HUB 4-WAY.............great as​ the​ laptop has only 2 usb sockets this might come in​ handy
3,​ USB CABLE.................okay if​ I​ need a​ bit of​ extension I​ guess
4 .​
EARPIECE with MIC.........great,​small compact and will definatly come in​ handy
5,​ NETWORK CABLE ............okay this might be usefull at​ some of​ the​ motels I​ stay at​
6,​ USB MINI OPTICAL MOUSE....fantastic will be extreemly usefull
7,​ MINI USB ADAPTOR..........saves me taking the​ mp3 cable ..great
8,​ USB PIN ADAPTOR...........may be useful at​ some point
9,​ USB LIGHT.................i've found these out to​ be useless in​ the​ past ,​but you​ never know

and all wrapped up in​ a​ smart 6 x 2 zip up case what a​ GREAT deal

So there we are i'm ready to​ go I​ got my electronics,​ my ticket the​ faithfull credit card next stop AMERICA
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