Common Sense The Missing Link In Online Business

I like to​ think that my approach to​ business is​ 1 part experience,​ 1 part research and 2 parts common sense. I know my business; that’s my experience. I read as​ much as​ I possibly can to​ strike a​ balance in​ my efforts between tried and true and newer methods of​ business planning and marketing. But to​ me,​ the​ most important,​ and often lacking in​ my opinion,​ is​ the​ common sense part of​ running any business,​ especially online.

I do not claim to​ be an​ expert in​ SEO or​ SEM or​ any of​ those acronym concepts. in​ fact,​ I’m not sure who legitimately can claim to​ be. in​ my observation,​ the​ rules to​ those theories seem to​ change daily if​ not more often. However,​ like most online entrepreneurs,​ I do try and pick up as​ much as​ I can from all sources in​ trying to​ market and run my business.

In working on​ both my own business and my client’s,​ I have found that too often I can get too focused on​ the​ technical aspects of​ my website and business. We are constantly inundated with tips,​ tricks and techniques for getting more traffic and finding new leads. Please don’t think I’m discounting any of​ those or​ disparaging those giving advice. on​ the​ contrary,​ I think it​ is​ necessary to​ take in​ as​ much information as​ possible in​ determining your own strategies. the​ problem,​ in​ my eyes,​ lies in​ getting too involved in​ these “new” concepts and losing sight or​ doubt your innate sense of​ how to​ do things.

I am not suggesting any hot new modes of​ marketing,​ nor am I guaranteeing any way of​ making thousands of​ dollars a​ week! I am merely suggesting that before,​ during and after implementing any new techniques,​ you​ always take a​ look at​ your website and all your materials from your customer’s point of​ view. Better yet,​ have someone else take a​ look.

Make sure that you​ have designed your site and written your copy in​ a​ way that is​ accessible to​ both ends of​ the​ spectrum: the​ techies and the​ technically challenged alike. in​ a​ perfect world,​ each visitor to​ your site would be very computer and internet savvy. Unfortunately,​ we all know it​ is​ not a​ perfect world. you​ must make your site as​ user-friendly as​ possible.

I spent a​ lot of​ time designing my website. I put a​ lot of​ thought into what I wanted to​ say,​ how I wanted to​ say it​ and how I wanted it​ to​ function. Those are all important things to​ consider and steps that must not be skipped. However,​ shortly after launching the​ site I discovered what I could improve.

The first thing I did when I uploaded the​ site was to​ inform all my friends and family. I knew within two days that I needed to​ make things a​ whole lot simpler! I had not taken into account that I have grown up in​ the​ internet age and things that I take for granted like knowing how to​ navigate a​ site via a​ site map or​ navigation bar are not second nature to​ everyone. I got the​ best feedback from my 91 year old grandfather who really wanted to​ see the​ whole site and know what it​ was all about. He tries so hard to​ keep up with the​ technology,​ but using the​ internet is​ not his cup of​ tea.

After speaking with him and a​ few other relatives,​ I sat down and took a​ hard look at​ my site. I went through and made two ways to​ get to​ every single page. I tried to​ simplify things as​ much as​ possible. I didn’t change the​ copy because I had made a​ point to​ write copy that was inviting to​ potential clients from any background. I used my keywords as​ much as​ I felt comfortable doing without sounding like a​ broken record.

Albert Einstein once said,​ “Everything should be made as​ simple as​ possible,​ but not one bit simpler.” in​ our excitement to​ boost our search engine rankings and generate traffic,​ I think it’s important to​ remember those words. the​ more people who can use your site and hear your message; the​ more customers you​ will have!
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